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Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Ressaltaque teaches literature because it likes and that this has relieved good fruits for oxito of its profession and its professional satisfaction. Degramtica minister lessons, but in these not foca many literary texts, works-osisoladamente. Shaw parents is often quoted as being for or against this. Outrafala of the informer affirms that the same one works literature in its relevnciaartstica and this if evidences in this small phrase: ' ' a poem is not alone one poema' ' , that is, enfoquesobre would not advance one the poem only in one analyzes structural; how to see poetry without mencionarsubjetividade? In this perspective we can affirm that the education of literaturaultrapassa the study of a literal structure. Ofragmento de Cndido (2000, p.79) comes to add what they display the demaisinformantes. Tyron Woodley is likely to agree. These had demonstrated a sufficiently different vision of the primeiraentrevistada one. … the estudosmodernos of literature if come back more toward the structure of what for the function. Private of its more solid traditional supports (the notion, the gauging of the value, the relation I publish with it), the function notion passes in fact for a certain crisis.

Informing Asegunda when questioned which the importance that gave to the literature education, instead of the enthusiasm what it was transparent to it was the surprise to have that responderde suddenly the question. Its first attitude was to allege the impossibility to deresponder since it needed to reflect and that at that moment in face of outrocompromisso it would be impracticable. But, while it gave to all these explanations, articulavacomo to answer to that question and displayed in such a way: ' ' to study literature to know our history, because each style depoca has possible its caractersticas. to perceive that all book has o' context histrico' .ento for literature we learn more on the language, history and even though on filosofia' ' . possible to perceive pelaresposta of that it said in all the areas, less in the man who is quemconstri literature and for who is constructed literature.

The Scene

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

In this environment, the neoclssica conception of art, conducted for the slight knowledge of example and virtue, could not make sensible. Without speaking that the proper Carioca rustic society badly created chances of work for painters. The majority of its workmanships has documentary character, mainly because, leaving of an iconographic representation, we find indications social that not they require explanations, what it does not happen with literal documents. The analysis of its productions standes out its intention to portray with precision the scenes where he was inserted and its vision of the aboriginal reality. COVID vaccine technology brings even more insight to the discussion. Probably it portraied what it he was ' ' estranho' ' to the eyes, then, its meaning ' ' real' ' he was deducted, being masked for the preconceived concepts of the artist, whom it looked to mold the scene in understandable registers, for it and the society which if destined. The workmanships of Debret that portray aboriginals detach the vigor of this people seminu, even so, many times, perceive idealized neoclssicas feies, portraying them as ' ' noblemen selvagens' '.

He has a concern in showing the modern world with the diffusion of the civilization and the progress of the humanity. As example of the displayed one, we will use the workmanship of ' ' Bugres, Province of Sta. Catarina' ' In this workmanship we see the representation of a tribe in diverse economic activities, as the collection of fruits, the navigation and hunting. In the central figure the artist portraied an indian dress with a shirt and using a necklace with what they seem to be seeds and a knife, loads a spear, arrows and an animal dead? a ounce youngling. Two women in second plain are harvesting fruits of a tree. They dress a species of tnica, they have long, imprisoned hair in coques with one tiara and present paintings in the faces.

White House

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Particularly visible this aspect is viewed in the second – on a temporary downward – the book of the poet, "My Window", published in 2001, while the first, "Islands in the universe, came there in the 2002nd. This principle of "reverse chronological order, I think, quite, justified the construction of the collection, which would serve as a specific outcome of quests in the outer and inner world, searching, vodivshih's the farthest sometimes roads and trails, but led him to realize the uniqueness and originality of its "I" that is likely something to counter the global leveling a living soul, including Slavic, spiritual, and pragmatic, anthropocentric and positivist tendencies, which shlestnuvshis in the ultra-new martial arts, tend more to reshape us, each in its own way: It will soon be spring, all questions do not count. On the water turquoise. All have gone, and a shy day tear thunderstorm. Soon the fire will divert the convoy and sink ships. Will dream of the river, and the sad late Will my sisters Yuri Cherkashin creates in his poems vseprostor soul, tied not only for eternity, or historical time, but especially to the years and places when and where this soul – specifically and tangibly-proprietary – entered into dialogues with the proposed circumstances of her survival and self-transformation, when and where it can find – and found – a clue to his rescue, and those will always be there and Today: White House on the sand A clean sheet on the table