Electronic Invoices

July 22nd, 2014 by Rosemary
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Put a stop to have hundreds of boxes in your home or Office to keep invoices, goodbye to the time spent in waiting for the confirmation of received invoices and above all say hello to your productivity and money saved. All this and more is what you’ll get to change you from the traditional system to electronic billing system. From the first day of this year is already obligatory to taxpayers who stated in the 2009 income equal or greater than 4 million weight, change to this system. Do not see it as something that you have to do only because it is in the law, Veil pro side that it was time for you to do more productive your business and more to the forefront in new technologies. Electronic invoicing will make you save thousands of dollars since before you gastabas much in little things, so to speak, but spending hacias constantly e.g.: ink cartridges, sheets, boxes for storing invoices, shipping and some other things. With this modern system the only thing you spend will be a couple of minutes in what you type for your invoice data and give it to send. To acquire the electronic billing system you have to contact a company that can sell you the software, systems that are sold from 580 pesos.

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