Evil Students

July 23rd, 2014 by Rosemary
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6% say that the best way to achieve a good visit, and most importantly the benefit could be a little validation work after each lecture on the materials provided on it, it will cause Students listen to and understand a lecture, as well as help in getting the automatic test, 5% are in favor of establishing the schedule daily at one time, and 2% of respondents did not even realize that you need to do to Students attended classes. 1% of students believe that teachers should be kinder to them 1% of freshmen say that if they give free lunches, the attendance will be 100%. 4. 34% of respondents replied that there is nothing that they interfere with learning (these students do not pass and no debt). Many students (45%) admit that the blame for their poor training is laziness. According to 7%, to blame teachers: Denied assistance in their subject Tickets issued late for the exam Evil teachers toward students quiet lecture (these students have debts on their studies, but there are also those who have no debts) 9% prevents personal life, which takes time from studying (Attend classes regularly, no debt, or debt, 1-2) 5% – not enough books 5. Basically all the students happy now active learning process, there are only minor observations: The largest number of claims it was relatively inconvenient class schedules, alternating training shifts. I would like the classes were held at the same time, the working students in this case will have the opportunity to combine work and the learning process without the express prejudice to both.

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