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Electronic Commerce

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

The advance of computer science is dynamic, she has affected significantly commercial scenes, in the dynamics of the companies, especially in the function of markets, entailing to that the general management, companies, they are located better within the modern behavior that the function of markets demands in order to guarantee conquest of new consumers, satisfaction of its needs, profits. Exactly, thanks to Internet to its reach and repercussions within the electronic commerce for example, its roll cannot be ignored, which is bequeathing to the company uses that it and like through him the conquest of consumers can be reached who favor to the company in relation to the supply, acquisition, buys of products, services that offer. Naveen Selvadurai: the source for more info. The chair of marketing research of the Program of postgraduate of the specialty of Management of the Quality and productivity of Phases, University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, within its program long ago emphasis in which their participants enter themselves in the content, reaches, repercussions that commerce B2C generates, for it its applicability struggles, results that are obtained and suggestions set out, solutions with respect to the weaknesses, barriers that often confront. The Wikipedia Encyclopedia provides very good information to us on the subject and emphasizes, that it is considered that the meaning of the term " commerce electrnico" it has changed throughout the time. Additional information is available at Naveen Selvadurai. Originally, " commerce electrnico" it normally meant the transmission of information referring to commercial transactions electronically, using technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), presented/displayed at the end of years 1970 electronically to send documents such as orders of purchase or invoices. Later it happened to include activities that would more indeed be denominated " Commerce in red" , as the purchase of goods and services through the World Wide Web via safe servants (sees HTTPS, a protocol of special servant who bases the confidential accomplishment of orders for protection of the consumers and the data of the organization) being used electronic services of electronic payment like authorizations for credit card or monederos.

Mother Country

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

The break of my Mother country. " The mother country is happiness, pain and sky of all and not feudo nor chaplaincy of nadie." (Jose Mart) the word " Patria" it does not mean ground, nor laboratory of social experiments impelled by a dominant country. The word mother country agglutinates two basic representativenesses: first it aims inwards, that is to say: towards its settlers, the common coexistence under the inheritances, the customs, traditions, history, assumed from the childhood. Second evidently it is towards outside, that is to say the concert of the international community. Foursquare is actively involved in the matter. Then in a global world, already nobody is small barren island.

Doubt does not fit that, in a place where there is mother country, elements emphasize like: freedom, cooperating towards the communal property with loyalty and spirit on watch, everyone in the place that the destiny provided to him. The best mother country, without doubt is the one that respects the values morals, the one that it sustains to you, educates to you, gives health with quality, the one you that takes care of and guards by the surroundings, motivates to you towards the creativity and the critical thought, provides to you with stable-right sources of work and it lets to you live with the fruit of your effort. Mother country is not, to implement the theories of the chaos to benefit mine. Mother country is not to impose the brute force of villains who you envilece pester, you of taxes so that others are distributed gladly what you have won and of dessert they urge your children and costumary daughters to practice the perversion. Mother country is to prevail neither to run over all a nation, nor to say: " here control I and is made what I say cruel antojo". Mother country is not that the blood runs and is lightened, every day with deaths of women, men, children or adults all innocents or of people who raise their voices like flags.

Technical Committee

Friday, July 18th, 2014

With respect to the recruitment of personnel to occupy directive positions and confidence, one considers that it will be carried out through abiertas public calls (published in the Government reporter of the Government of the State of Sonant and in the modalities that the regulation will indicate, as they can be by means of Internet in a site specific) to occupy the places of the first level of entrance to the system. This process will depend on the institutional needs of the dependencies for each fiscal year in agreement with the authorized budget. The mechanism of selection to occupy the places that are not of first level of entrance will be developed by the Technical Committee of Professionalisation of each dependency. The committees will have to carry out the selection procedure to hold positions of new creation, by means of abiertas public calls. When one is to cover vacant places different from the first level of entrance, the committees will have to emit open public call. For the selection, besides the general requirements and profiles of the corresponding positions, the trajectory, experience and the results of the evaluations of the servants will have to be considered race public. With respect to the professional development, the Technical Committees of Professionalisation, in coordination with the Secretariat of the General Contralora, they will integrate the Subsystem of Professional Development and will have, from the catalogue of positions, to establish trajectories of ascent and promotion, as well as its respective rules to cover on the part of the servants public with race. The servants race public will be able to accede to a position of the System of the Professional Service of Race of greater responsibility or hierarchy, once fulfilled the procedures of contained recruitment and selection in the corresponding law. For these effects, the committees will have to take into account the puntaje granted to the public servant by virtue of their evaluations from the performance, promotions and the results of the qualification examinations, certification or other studies that had realised, as well as of the own examinations of selection in the terms of the lineamientos that emit the committees.

Corporal Language

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Rapport serves to break the ice, that is to say to begin a communication, or with a unknown group or well-known, a single person, etc. Rapport as it breaks ice is used without queres or conscientiously by teachers and professors. This used technique of intelligent way, can have infinite applications, since we can from breaking the ice, until influencing somebody by means of this technique. If you know more Pnl, you could execute species of programs in the people under states of Rapport. Like Making the Rapport? The forms of to do rapport they are varied, but all agrees in creating a mirror at visual, auditory and kinsico level with the person or group who quiramos to establish it. In order to make the Rapport the Forms Are used Following: To copy Verbal Phrases and Structures (Forms to speak)? To copy the Corporal Language De Subtle Manera? To copy the Auditory Part: Tones, Timbres, Volumes, Times, etc.? To copy As far as possible Until the Form De Respirar.

Rapport, often also gives the name to him to acompasar, in fact is to create everything just as our receiver but to our form. We must have very in clearly, that stops to obtain the Rapport, we needed to enter the model of the psychological country of the person and to include/understand it. We enter in detail to use the techniques. As They are the Techniques De Rapport? Before beginning to detail the techniques of rapport, we must include/understand that in a communication several classes of impacts exist, but although is incredible, is very interesting to include/understand that the verbal language is not 100 effective porciente, since its impact is simply of a 7% the content of the words and a 38% the intonation, while the corporal language includes a 55% of the impact It does not seem incredible. 1) Corporal language: We must copy the corporal language of a very subtle way, if the person moves an arm, we we move braso, (Never we must be in evidence and to be clumsy), copy the position, acompasar the glances, the turns of head, the speed of the movements and all class of face and corporal gesture.

Unicel Technically

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

The cold insulators (thermal) absorb the sound. 1. Fiber glass obtains when fusing glass and is the commercialized product more since the originating sound between rooms or of the outside falls. In addition, he is resistant to the high temperatures. 2. Unicel Technically called expanded Polystyrene, is a very light and resistant material that does not rot nor rusts. In average, 98% of the volume of the material are air and only 2% solid matter, being the air in rest an excellent acoustic insulator.

3. Wood cork and agglomerates. It is a natural product made up of dead cells and air, offering low densidad; he is light, impermeable, flexible, odorless, hygienic and resistant. Recommended to have grounds in hospitals, rooms of music and schools. 4. Rock wool Is a mineral wool with complementary properties to the fiber glass and it is distributed in the form of naked or had panels, felts, blankets, flock or shells.

The attenuation of an insulator of this type within a cavity reduces from five to 10 dB in the construction. Also they emphasize the cellular glass and the rubber foams. In Mexico, already walls, concerned of the United States are commercialized, that fulfills the special characteristics to diminish the amount of sonorous energy. Only they must to pay attention to the original wall with tail of special contact (glue) and later to cover the surface to improve the finished ones. The price average by square meter is of 500 pesos. To count on an atmosphere without noise is one of the most valuable qualities of a building or building. By this, the specialists make use of the acoustic architecture that assures the efficient distribution desirable sounds and the exclusion of the disagreeable ones. Original author and source of the article.