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Robert Kiyosaki

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

The knowledge and the experience of others successfully use a plan or strategy is a very important ingredient for success in life. You must not only know where you want to go in life, but also as you get. You can every day visualize your goals and apply all possible motivation tips and you can be too much, but if you don’t have a plan, it can happen that you do not make progress. You need a way where you can achieve your goal. The easiest way to find one that is finding people who have already achieved your goal, and to do that, what they have done. This is logical. If someone is already a millionaire, you could do the same things, like this person, and even to a millionaire. You need to find not any new unusual way, but can build on the knowledge and the experience of other people and benefit.

Winston Churchill once said: “a wise man makes not all mistakes themselves. It can be a chance others.” You need the wheel don’t reinvent. Most of the targets that you can use, have already reached other people and you need to look around only to discover what works and what does not. However you should spend too much time to create plans and finding a suitable strategy, how to reach your target. “One of the most valuable things a person can learn, is to use the art of the knowledge and the experience of others.” Most people make Napoleon Hill for days on a plan to work the error and try to be aware of all the details. You can not predict the future and your plans are always a mirror of your current knowledge base, your current skills, your present beliefs, etc. can change plans and the path to the goal is rarely so how we imagine it. The action is more important than the plan, because only deeds bring results.

You can plan the way to your destination up in all the details, but you will not come closer to him until you don’t do anything. Is necessary not only the direction to know, in which it will run, but also the approximate way. Create a simple plan set up after, and find people who have already achieved your goal. Read their books, talk to them and learn from their experiences and mistakes. Success leaves traces. One millionaire, a good speaker is not by chance or learning how to lead a healthy life. It’s not by itself. All people who achieve these goals, do certain things in your life. They must begin to study them and to learn about your topic that you can find. “If you want somewhere, it is to find the best someone who was already there.” Robert Kiyosaki learn from the rich if you want to become rich. If you want to be healthy, you learn from the healthy, etc. By hope for improvement, it is not better. The success comes to you, not by waiting, but by going to it and take your life in your own hands. Good luck! Haris Hadi,