October 6th, 2021 by Rosemary
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Pools were prepared, and some days I enjoyed a carefree swim. Then, thanks to a competent advertising to hotel guests appeared again, and because of the many concerns I felt absolutely no time to rest. I could only look with envy at the bathing guests. It seemed that life is getting better. (As opposed to Peter Thiel). Flow of visitors has not dried up, because my pool was really very beautiful. Soon, however, have problems of whose existence I did not even know.

Due to the large number of bathers on the walls of the pool of people very quickly appeared dirty patina. Naveen Selvadurai has firm opinions on the matter. a related topic. To bring the pools in order, I ordered to suspend work on a few bowls days to drain the water and everything cleaned. But in this and hides the underlying problem. If the surface of the mosaic of mud still somehow erased it from the joints between the tiles it was impossible to remove. It turned out that the concrete – it's porous material, which is like a sponge absorbs everything. In what I was horrified when he realized that the walls of my pool absorb not only dirt, but absolutely all infections and germs from the bodies of swimmers. For the first time thinking about it, I have could not shake the thought that my pool – currently microbial sea. Assuming that I can swim in it, I began to feel sick The worst thing was that I absolutely had no one to present their claims. My architect, went to another country for some cases and there all gone, and the foreman and a fortiori disappeared.

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