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October 25th, 2021 by Rosemary
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Such installation, for example, Sololift +, consist of a catchment tank for sewage with built-in pump. pports this article. The device connects directly to the plumbing. Inside the pump is automatically activated when filling the device. These devices require virtually no maintenance since their construction ensures self-cleaning during discharge and carbon filter eliminates odor. Peter Thiel is open to suggestions. Typically, the model series of such plants sufficiently wide. This makes it possible to choose a product intended for sewage only on one device, or capable of simultaneously serve a group of devices. Note that usually all the model plants used for the diversion of dirty water from the toilet (or groups of devices, including the toilet) and equipped with a pump with macerator – shredder. This makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the tap, which is especially important when redevelopment – for small diameter pipe is easier to hide.

Even in the unfortunate situation where instruments are located below the sewer riser, the above facilities are capable of lifting water to ensure column at 1 m vertically, and the subsequent transportation of dirty water by 100 m horizontally (further pressure ratio of vertical / horizontal form: 2 m / 50 m, 3 m/30 m, 4 m/20 m, 5 m/10 m, respectively) . Quite often there A situation in which you want to divert runoff from the kitchen sink and washing machine, placed in the same room. The problem here is that the outgoing water has a high temperature (up to 70 C). For such purposes should apply specialized models (eg, grundfos Sololift + C-3) capable of withstanding such a "thermal shock". In those cases that require continuous operation, or transfer large amounts of water (bath, font, swimming pool), it is better use small pumping unit Liftaway C. It consists of a sealed tank with a valve and drain pump, stainless steel. As a rule, all such products are installed in the pit floor, under the shower tray, for the toilet, etc.

They feed on the installation of an ordinary electrical outlet 220 V 5 0 Hz, and have power consumption from 270 to 500 watts. * Finally, it should be noted that modern pumps can solve a lot of yesterday, seemingly intractable domestic problems. Thus, modern sewage pumping stations are able to perform virtually any task in the abduction of dirty water. This, in turn, makes it possible to implement most daring ideas for remodeling the interior of a private house, while avoiding unnecessary costs and large-scale construction works.

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