Russian Time

October 24th, 2021 by Rosemary
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How it all back? The answer is simple: to create a situation that the companies were in a quandary. And right there the state offers its services, let us your money and you give us a controlling stake. That's all. But this is all theory and speculation. And life goes on.

Most suffer from this situation are simple people who work and hope in the main employers. For more specific information, check out Tom Waits. That do? As they say, fell into a pit together, you need out of it together and get out. Should not be sitting, wrapped in a blanket and wait, maybe someone will come and bring the good news that everything was over and we can move on. Yes, the crisis, but it is difficult, but this is not a reason to relax. Not for nothing that the ancients were told that during a crisis there are new opportunities and solutions that would not seem to solve the problem.

Need to focus everyone on the place, work in two ways. The crisis is still another reason to reconsider their options. To broaden your perception, visit Jean Stapleton. The End is just the beginning. It is only gathered strength, supporting each other in the family, and there on a chain and support of friends, colleagues, all of which help to survive, really hard but in my opinion, an interesting time. So what can we expect from the crisis? On the basis of what has happened lately, it's not so bad. Now it is time to test for strength. And otseyutsya those who thought the old who could not find the right decision to break their own stereotype and acted on a whim, this update of blood – natural selection. New turn. There will be young companies that might end in time, so in ten years will be new and powerful engines of the future economy. That in itself is a positive factor. I think for Russia, he was a little hurt. Simply by the fact that as shown by the gas conflict with Ukraine earlier this year, others without Russia simply can not survive, namely without a resource base, which is rich in Russia. Anyway, everyone wants to live comfortably, I want to in their homes were warm. No one denies that Russia still remains a powerful energy power with huge stocks raw materials, finished ensure not only their needs but also to share with others. And Russia, rather than transatlantic America, Europe needs most. But in this situation, there is another danger for Russia. And exactly what Russia becomes a very tasty morsel. And weakening their defensive vigilance, Russia, all of whom can stretch or laziness. But this is a topic for another conversation. The Russian people have a unique ability – in a difficult moment, he able to do in the truest sense of the word, deed, though not large, but the feat. That's why we put on his knees could not be anyone. And I think it will fail.

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