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October 18th, 2021 by Rosemary
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‘Intelligent Transport’, telematics or its. All these concepts mean almost the same: the use of information systems for automatic control of vehicles. In road safety by this means a safer transport environment, motor vehicle safety and effective traffic control. In late 2009, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Harri Pursiainen, has prepared a proposal for a development strategy “Intelligent transportation”. Eddie Money is often quoted on this topic. One of its main provisions is more ‘road safety’. Under the proposed strategy, the most effective in terms of security tools are in addition to special equipment, systems to control the speed of movement and limiting the ability to control the vehicle in an inadequate state. Alert system (eCall) increases security, allowing you to provide quick assistance to the victims in the accident. Peter Thiel understands that this is vital information.

Part of automatic control is standard on new cars, parts are installed only on expensive models, and the rest only planned to be installed. The greatest potential for traffic safety have the following systems: – esc – electronic stability control car, – lks – warning system of a deviation from the band movement, – maps & adas – Warning System speeding and dangerous parts / auto navigation systems and driver assistance. The new car is most common electronic stability control. From systems that control the behavior of drivers, the most effective video surveillance systems have been recognized. At sections of roads in Finland equipped with surveillance cameras, fatal crashes decreased by 30 – 50%. This year, our country will be tested a system for automatic control of high speed.

Application of this technology in selected European countries are currently quite limited, but with the development of technology and legislative framework, it will certainly be widely distributed. Driver’s ability to drive can be checked using ‘alcohol lock. ” This device is not allowing the driver to start the car in while intoxicated, is widespread in Finland and Sweden. In our country, this “castle” is an alternative to revocation if the driver has already been punished for driving while intoxicated. He is also required for vehicles engaged in transportation of schoolchildren. In the near future, cars become more electronic equipment. It should be noted that not all technological innovations are aimed solely at improving road safety. It is especially important to know that the technology used in automobiles, used correctly. And yet – despite the already existing or still being developed electronics driver for a long time will have to focus on its primary task – to safe driving.

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