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July 2nd, 2021 by Rosemary
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The lower the pH of the product, the lower the gas medium affect the shelf life. This is due to the fact that the decrease in pH inhibits the growth of microbes. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has compatible beliefs. In this case, factor limiting the period of implementation, is not the growth of bacteria, and chemical reactions such as oxidation, discoloration of the product (packaging films in contact with the moist surface of the product). If the product is of several components, the gas is added to increase the shelf life of one of the components. From the history of the issue. What remains is better – gas or vacuum? In recent years, Russian restaurateurs and their visitors are becoming more about the quality of products they offer. As for meat, in this segment is a tendency of gradual increase in consumption of chilled meat.

Unfortunately, the shelf life of such meat rather short, that makes many restaurateurs to abandon the goods to the frozen meat. Chilled meat in our country to supply meat processing enterprises mainly in the bran (a side quarters), the timing of storage at 0 -1 C is 12 – 16 days in accordance with the instructions for the refrigeration process. It should be noted that the measures taken in the technology industry refrigeration storage and processing of meat do not consider initial quality of raw meat with non-traditional biochemical and morphological features, which occupies a significant amount of the total amount of processed meat. According to the recommendations of the International Institute cold storage life of beef is 3 weeks (0 -1.5 C and relative humidity of 90%) to 9 weeks (at 0 -1,5 C in 10% CO2). Veterinary Department Ministry of Agriculture of Russia appealed to the Meat Union of Russia to develop a temperature regimes, the maximum storage and sale of imported beef. Work on this project was entrusted to Institute of Meat Industry. vm Gorbatov Institute of Refrigeration and Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology. Funding for this project undertook to Cherkizovsky mpz, National Meat Association and "Protein Products." The aim of research conducted branch institutes, is to assess the quality, the development allowed by the rules and the loss of chilled boneless beef both domestic and imported, packed in cardboard boxes, including under vacuum.

Institute specialists has been developed and approved a program and a phased methodology in research. The first phase was carried out on domestic raw materials. In accordance with the established methodology in Penza meat production conditions was carried out to develop and package of boneless beef. As the packaging materials were used polymer bags and wrapping film. Part of the output was evacuated using a vacuum-packaging technology, the second part is packaged in a modified gas atmosphere. As a gas medium using a mixture of N2 and CO2 in a ratio of 80% and 20%, respectively. Worked out by the party of beef sent to the jsc Cherkizovsky mpz "for bookmarks storage. During the term meat storage experts to assess the state of raw materials and carried out sampling for laboratory tests. Changing Quality beef was evaluated by physical-chemical, biochemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics. The studies, in the process of long-term storage of chilled boneless beef, packaged in different ways and to demonstrate how the various vacuum packaging technology have been reliably established the benefits of modified atmosphere before the vacuum bag. Worked out experimentally

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