Objective Excellence

September 8th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Excellence, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, is the superior quality or goodness that makes worthy of singular appreciation and estimation. To achieve excellence in the actions of our life we must constantly bear in mind that we must do what we the best we are able. In this way our works will protrude in goodness, merit or estimation. Throughout the history of humanity, persons who have excelled in different areas of life are those that have always tried to develop their potential to the maximum. It is a virtue that must grow and develop. We know that virtue is strength, vigor, value; It is integrity of mind and goodness of life; It is the constant provision of the soul for actions in accordance with the moral law; It is a straight way of proceeding. With reason, according to historians, in the ancient Greece the word virtue must practically be confused with excellence.

Particularly in the field of academic institutions, business organizations, business, artistic and sport activities are It considers that excellence is a virtue and a goal to achieve. It is common to find in the exhibition’s mission and operations phrases such as: operational excellence, commitment to excellence, excellence in leadership, manufacturing excellence, academic excellence, our goal is excellence and many more. In universities and institutions of corporate training courses are related to excellence as: processes of excellence, excellence in risk control, the Series of excellence, excellence in management of the quality, excellence in marketing and others. In reality, what is obtain outstanding results in everything that an organization or individual to undertake. In everything we propose, in everything that we do we should try to be the best of what we can be. In this way in our actions, we will not accept mediocre or regular results. Aristotle said: we are what we repeatedly do.

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