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September 16th, 2014 by Rosemary
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3D without glasses is increasingly interesting for the advertising market. Reason enough to build this technology in kiosks and info pillars full clear information screens are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Everywhere where many people cavort, is a desirable place for advertising and information. There it is, that people hide from the intrusive flicker boxes and no longer perceive. Who wants to advertise today more successfully than any other, must involve playful the customers, to the staunen-and to the stop bring. AS3D advertising stelen in portrait and landscape format these requirements in really amazing Masse.Produkte to make 50-80 cm float freely before the screen borders on magic. Advertising is the talk of the town within a very short time.

Interactively advertise who believes here we go not more intensively, which is wrong. AS3D info terminals can act interactively with customers. Just for promotion stands an ideal partner to stay with a brand in the minds. Through a camera, hand movements and gestures are recorded and converted into movements. According to BIELE-MEDIA, this technique is suitable for use even in kiosk terminals. 3D displays in landscape and portrait mode together with the Swiss company 3D impact media and BRILAN can be offered innovative 3D displays as a stele, kiosk and wall screen, no 3D glasses needed. The auto-stereoscopic 3D monitors (AS-3D) work according to the following principle: a barrier filter on the TFT-display defined hides individual pixels of the Panel is applied via an optical measuring system. The eyes perceive different images, which in turn triggers the 3D effect in the brain. BIELE-MEDIA

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