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July 4th, 2021 by Rosemary
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With the same success you can simply visit the site regularly, to create a bookmark. Now the RSS. Technology has also to “2 days”, but I wonder why she is still not so popular among ordinary person. Advanced users, of course, have long used RSS, but the majority of people quite inert, and, as I believe nothing. Because you clearer idea about the quality and usefulness of the site or a blog to which you subscribe. Subscribe and unsubscribe quickly and conveniently, are viewing more comfortable, the materials usually full, so more can be read and previous publications. In addition, no mess and chaos in your mailbox! To start subscribing to RSS.

Pre-select themselves to the RSS-reader. They are available online, the best, in my opinion – Google Reader, and as an attachment which is installed to your computer, such as FeedDemon. Once you have registered at some reader or install software on your computer, the subscription is made simple. On, you liked your blog or website you have to click on the icon RSS-subscription and specify the type of its reader. All you’ll get more posts and new content instantly, and for that you will not need to enter the site! In the end, if you have a tape reader 50, all new posts can be viewed in 15 minutes! Which is equivalent to what you would have gone to each interesting site. Without RSS technology is impossible. View internet marketer. From the standpoint of marketing, not so simple.

Because E-mail Marketing certainly, a useful thing. Of RSS, of course, also has a proc, but RSS, essentially duplicates the content of your site. For the most part, you simply makes life easier for your readers. For you and others is an indicator of the number of permanent readers and the credibility of your site or blog. Of course, everything that you play on the image and credibility necessarily bring money, but this effect is not direct but indirect. That is, of course, if your posts have any advertising links, they get your RSS-subscribers, but it’s no different than if people just came to your site through a bookmark. As I already mentioned, you just make it easier his life. I note that a service like Feedburner allows you to earn on its Rss-tape via integration with Adsense, but I’m honest, until it is experienced, and to review – in RuNet on that people do not earn … E-mail subscription in this regard gives more flexibility because you do not need to duplicate content with The primary site completely. You can carry out any policies that you need. Can attract additional visitors to the site, you can promote any product, you can still a lot of that. The main thing to subscribe carried benefit of the reader and was a good, harmonious complement to the site. In this case, it can significantly increase the income of any project. In conclusion, that any technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course, for Marketing necessarily need to use RSS, and E-mail subscription. Thus is obtained an excellent set that every day will bring all the great fruit. Well, if you’re just a reader, to choose you, my same choice – RSS. Another read: What does PR and how to define it? Ch

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