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Thursday, March 14th, 2019

In the sewing yes, each part is handled one to one, in terms of technological development, even so already let us have innumerable advances in this area, is difficult the complete automatization, therefore weaveeed they are sufficiently flexible and malleable what it disables its sewing without adequate manuscript. With certainty this is a great challenge for science and comes being searched has much time, but nothing it substitutes the human work, either manual, operational, or simply for ' ' to press boto' ' of the machine that will make the work. Under most conditions Movie Star would agree. 2.5DESENVOLVIMENTO OF COLLECTION To each sprouting of new collections of fashion, exists an intense work of research to changed into reality the inspirations of the estilistas, that many times are unaware of the complex process that if unchains from its ideas. Process this that goes since the study and staple fibre development new for fabric creation new? the call weaveeed technological; the research of new corantes, mainly with this wave Echo, the deriving corantes of organic substance, mainly of vegetal origin; the development of productive machines, equipment and processes aiming at to take care of to a consuming market each more demanding and eager time for new features. Technology Investor often says this. The dumb fashion to each station, but the contributions and discoveries that it provides, serve in them of inspiration and bring each time more information that help in to understand them the processes of inquiry and development of the science of form approaching in them to it and confirming what it hears in the half academic, of whom any subject does not exist that is not related or it is not benefited by the scientific discoveries. 2.6RESPONSABILIDADE AMBIENT Together with this technology, we must remember the ambient responsibility, therefore you are welcome it advances the scientific advances and technological without environment, the only raw material supplier for all the scientific discoveries is the nature, without it does not exist science, does not exist humanity, then this relation of protection and conservation of the environment must be each more intense time so that this source of discoveries not if finde and allows to each day the sprouting of new technologies.

Supervisory Control

Monday, June 30th, 2014

The data collected in field are transferred and are available in a place centered. In this way they can be indicated, be registered, totalized, analyzed and alarmed. Beyond these characteristics she is necessary, also, that the operator of the system can to act in the process binding and disconnect motor and bombs, opening and closing motorized valves. Into this stage the digital signals of the system of acquisition of data are converted into analogical and applied signals some type of actuator of the process. So that everything this is carried through is necessary digital equipment that takes care of to these definitive tasks.

Such equipment associates the applicatory programs is called Supervisory Control and Acquisition of Dados (SCADA). The hardware (Equipment) the system of acquisition of data and supervisory control uses the computer as operation platform. By means of configurations in the screens it is possible that the different operator has vision of the process. Vision this that can be of an isolated mesh or the complete process (overview). The screen of the computer has for objective to substitute the conventional panels with botoeiras, visual pointers, annunciator of alarms. The keys bind and disconnect are substituted by keyboard keys or represented logical keys by means of graphical images in screens, and function as real keys. The display instruments also can be substituted by indications in the screen. The operator has the possibility to visualize the mesurada 0 variable to the side of the image of the associated equipment.

For example, the value of the outflow for one determined tubing can have its associated instantaneous value to the tubing. By means of configurations the virtual instruments can be looked like the conventional instruments (analogical, graphical graduation of bars). The pointers of alarms are substituted by alarms listed in the computer, being able still to exist the possibility of sonorous signal. Each category of alarm can assume different colors.