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About 60 Percent Of The New Price For Galaxy S3 Display Is For Repair In Germany

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

idealo examined the repair cost of damaged displays when the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 in five European countries and determines where the repair most pays off. Smartphones are our constant companion whether at work, at home or on the road. In the everyday back and forth, it is easy that the phone out of my hand slips one, someone comes or it comes into contact with too much liquid. According to a study of the easy card insurance Germany GmbH, falls around 72 percent of whether cell phones were decisive for display damage. Exclusively for you, we have compared the repair costs of the individual provider for display damage when the iPhone 5 that the Samsung Galaxy S3. Information if and when a repair worth the following on the basis of our European country comparison of the respective display repair costs.

How resistant are the displays of the two devices? The iPhone 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is with the highly resistant Gorilla Fitted glass 2 of us manufacturer Corning. Nevertheless, Samsung loses against its competitors in several drop tests. The explanation lies in particular in different Assembly of the equipment and the material of the case. The Samsung Galaxy S3 consists of a high-quality polycarbonate housing that will be more resistant than ordinary plastic up to 300 times. Reduced after 2011 a class action lawsuit in the United States made the glass back of the iPhone 4 and 4S forcing customers, to spend more money for repairs, the glass portion on the casing of the iPhone 5 public accusations and the glass back mainly replaced by aluminum. Comparing repair iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 vs. display fractions in guarantees usually are not included, must users who usually even pay cost. Whether is worth a repair we have studied on the basis of a provider and euro country comparison.


Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

No idea what you could Cook? The usual excuses to the own cooking no longer apply! Hamburg/Berlin, September 7, 2010 TV chef Mike of sweet has seen in his career much. Before hired the likeable Northern at the cookery pros by RTL 2, he worked in the Switzerland, the United States, Portugal and Spain in Germany introduces its own restaurants: sweetie knows about the developments in the cooking business. But smarter I haven’t seen an application like the eat. “And I’ve seen a lot,” he marvels. Very is not surprising, because the trend comes just in drive: more and more cooks no longer have access to the cookbook, if you need a prescription, but turn on your Smartphone and use a recipe application. The offer for that grows, in Apple’s app store alone, there are nearly one hundred versions to download for iPhone and iPad. Whether baking recipes of Dr. Oetker, Bacardi cocktail recommendations or healthy treat ideas of nutrition Portal eat smarter, the even pros like Mike of sweet inspire: recipes on the mobile phone are currently announced! Germany’s top chefs want to therefore now increasingly provide their fans with digital recipes.

You can not go back, but must adapt”chef finds” Stefan Marquard. He wants to bring out this year an own application, as well as Mr Mirko Reeh. This is when you need to buy something a”practical and easy, he says. But what exactly is actually better than on the good old Cookbook mobile recipe? “Cornelia Poletto knows the answer: cooking apps are easy and flexible to use and you have lots of ways to make his recipe”, the Hamburg star chef, which gives helpful tips to eat smarter as a video Cook says. At eat smarter, for example, you can select dishes according to ingredients, calorie intake, preparation time and costs. The program is also free of charge, other providers require on average two to three euros for their service.

But above all, recipe apps are perfect for spontaneous chefs who want to decide in the supermarket, only what they cook in the evening. You have the app always close at hand and must not only drive up his computer, or look up”, Mike of sweet finds. “Mirko Reeh Meanwhile already thinking about the future: If you could order now even the ingredients of the app, that would be sensational!” Links to the EAT smart app’s: iPhone app:… iPad app:… About EAT smart: EAT SMARTER is a new food concept, whose Inhalte are freely available since January 2010 on. The site offers over 1,000 healthy and easy recipes to cook at home, as well as an editorial section with numerous food and expert tips around the theme eat healthier and lose weight. All recipes the EAT smart food check passed, which each court have on criteria such as fat, saturated fatty acids, protein/protein, fiber and calories investigated. EAT SMARTER is supported by a team of nutritionists and the star chef Cornelia Poletto. Through our exclusive mobile service can EAT Be received SMARTER also on different types of mobile phone, in addition, there is an application for iPhone and iPad. Publisher Dirk Manthey is founder of the company based in Hamburg. For more information: For additional information and photographic material we are gladly available. EAT SMARTER Press Office Robert Wittge mfactry Schonhauser Allee 159 10435 Berlin fon: + 49 – (0) 30 – 75 63 70 87

Vodafone Network

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

primacall expands its product range and is mobile service provider with an own mobile offering. primacall the entire spectrum of telecommunications from one source will provide that in the future its customers. For this purpose, primacall and GEMOS have signed a cooperation agreement. GEMOS is official enabler in the Vodafone network and thus the interface between network operators and primacall. GEMOS primacall refers to all mobile wireless services provided by Vodafone and it puts together its own attractive and customized solutions for its customers. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information.

about primacall primacall with seat in Berlin is a nationwide provider of telecommunications services. The company offers Internet – mobile wireless voice and data services. Through the use of modern technologies and efficient components, it is primacall possible to provide high-quality telecommunications services at a fair price with high quality of service. For more information on the Internet at about Gemos that mbH is Gemos company for mobile phone services enabler in the Vodafone network and provides the full range of the Vodafone offer as a basis for their own offerings for their customers. All required processes via standard interfaces, it can be handled easily and cost-efficiently. Gemos is headquartered in Marburg, Germany and belongs to the Forester group.

Nash Technologies

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The challenge for him is clear: the provider would have to overcome the current decoupling of data volume and revenues. Because: The mobile network operators will need to finance investment in HSPA + and LTE at best stagnant sales. Thus, drastically to reduce the cost per unit of traffic there is a need.” He sees further growth in mobile data and Internet services in particular in the area of individualized video offerings, which would demand particularly from less solvent and thus younger user groups. Also, Gerpott is at best a stabilisation of turnover in the German mobile business with the LTE roll-out. “Against the background of the timeline described by Gerpott and the growing data traffic, which exacts a lot of infrastructure, Markus Ermer, Director of R & D at Nash Technologies relies on a sophisticated network monitoring: each network operator know that the networks need constant monitoring in terms of performance.” For him, it is essential in the existing networks UMTS-based to invest the capacities and to improve functionality, response times and throughput. So we lay the foundations only for the development of innovative applications, which can then make LTE a success”, so Ermer in Dusseldorf. For him, it is no doubt that several technologies will coexist GSM, UMTS, LTE over a certain period of time.

It was even more important to guarantee the transparency and the coexistence. To the relief of existing mobile networks, Ermer presented among other things a femtocell. The idea is that a spatially limited cell combines a mobile phone via UMTS across standard IP network.” So, normal Mobilfunkendgerate could use an existing Internet connection, for example over a DSL line. Software support up to 32 simultaneous connections and current broadband technologies, which make attractive their use in the business segment. Editing plain text ONLINE at Hamada 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: