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November 21st, 2013 by Rosemary
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A couple of years ago my friend instead of what would work in normal operation, decided to deal with computer assistance. Himself, so to speak the host. He had experience working in a computer store and I owned and sales skills management. So I agreed price analysis Harosh and he did well and I am too. In general, as well as ads on rabotali.Kleili entrance, business cards. direct sales. Actually not bad earning.

More this topic, I described in my blog bmserver Just want to add that just like any other work is work. Easy money is not there and there is huge competition. But if you sharish in this business and a professional, you will dlyudi call themselves, and even recommend you to their friends. vspominaetsya a funny moment, namely, to expand the range of services we exerted a friend to all other decided to focus on creating websites. It does not matter that neither he nor I sense in this nifiga.

Move decided by previously tested the scheme, namely the search for the masterminds and perpetrators. Ie to be roughly the mediators, while telling everyone that they say we niebatsya cool designers))) As the main result of grit. For this purpose, we have made special Daddy with examples of work patterns nadergali Ineta and went to offer their services. Navigating for the entire order and received an earned in my 3 or 4 of the ruble. a little later, when I became actively read LJ, I came across the famous Ttatyanycha a similar decision only executed many many earlier (remember all our Encyclopedias were in 2008). like this happens. In general you should not think, to do)))

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