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Security Council Work

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Today, almost everybody can turn on your computer, visit the websites, check email and create documents in Microsoft Word. However, since the use of a computer is very simple, then those who do not have specific knowledge in the field Computer security is very difficult to understand why they need to worry about staying safe on the computer. In this article I would like to give basic tips on staying safe on the computer. Update your anti-virus Anti- is an excellent protection against most threats to your computer. Today there is a huge selection of various antivirus software, which automatically every day will scan your computer for viruses. However, the problem is that anti-virus software are not long-lasting protection, because every day there are more and more new types of viruses. And if you do not regularly update your anti-virus, most likely you will hook some new contagion in Internet, about which he knows nothing your antivirus. Block your PC computer is a part of your personal space.

Any person should not be able to view your personal information. Take for habit lock your computer every time you get up from the computer, even if you just decided to go to the toilet. Break your computer, you can take a few minutes, but the password will take you a couple of seconds and you'll be able to return to his work at the computer. Do not click on suspicious links, Be careful when you receive a letter asking you to select your personal information, even if you think that the senders letters are reliable companies. Attackers often send links that are similar in appearance to the addresses of these companies, however, differ in one or two letters. Thus, they redirect you to a fake websites to get your username and password. Install Update for Windows very often produces various Microsoft updates and patches for Windows, which fix security vulnerabilities found by Windows. So do not ignore installation of these updates, because otherwise your computer may become vulnerable to various network attacks. Set a strong password more complex the password, you come up with, the harder it will get access to your system. Therefore, Invent a password consisting of numbers, special characters and letters in upper and lower case.

Web Scanners

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

When using these tools need to be confident in their skills or qualifications of staff performing this scan, as the only professionals in the IT field can guarantee the safety of this procedure. IT-defense is exactly the area in which you should not rely 'at random', but better to resort to using professionalov.Software or hardware? Vulnerability scanners are also divided into hardware and software. Software scanners run on servers or working stations within the network. Hardware scanners are separate devices. Software vulnerability scanners provide a wider range of options to configure and manage, while hardware scanners are easier to install and require no user intervention in the process of finding vulnerabilities. The prevalence of a particular type of vulnerabilities are constantly changing. In the past few years, organizations have become more attention to information security within the company, forcing the hackers to focus on another type of vulnerabilities – security vulnerabilities in Web applications.

Web sites today for many are a goldmine that can not attract the attention of fraudsters and hackers. Therefore, today the majority of attacks are aimed at the identification and exploitation of this vulnerability, available from the outside rather than on-net. To operate the Web sites often need to be open in 1980 port, which is actively and are criminals. They seek out weaknesses in information security software server software, and receiving management website, extract information from databases, copy files from my hard disk, or use the server for the victims of spam and malware distribution PO.Skanery vulnerabilities – the conclusion vulnerability scanners are well used as a web application, so and intra-level analysis of information security IT systems.

Protecting Wi-Fi Network

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Quite often we hear common story about how someone – that connects to an open access point via Wi-Fi and download gigabytes of free traffic. In this case, the owner of such a point could not understand, and either forced pay the 'left' traffic, or put up with more bandwidth utilization. All of this is due to neglect of the protection of wireless networks. The problem of unauthorized access to your wireless network relate to both business and home users. In the first case, intended for employees of the firm, but never unprotected Wi-Fi can cause unauthorized access to the service online, identity theft, failures in the system as a whole. Not less likely, and home users, because getting into a home network through an unprotected access point or wireless router, an attacker can not only free use your Internet connection. Having access to such networks can be copied to modify or even completely remove the files, directories, etc..

Also, your computer may be running interceptors keystrokes, viruses – 'Trojan horses' or other malicious software that will run on unknown hosts. All network traffic can be tapped for further research. Themselves with a need tools that can be a real-time browse visit your web-pages, web addresses, as well as to intercept your passwords for future use, for commercial purposes. In addition, your Internet channel can be used for illegal activities. If open wireless network will be used for illegal distribution of films or music, in many countries for it can pay a claim from law enforcement agencies.

Starcraft 2

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

StarCraft 2 – impressive by its scale game. Finally, do not feel that everything has ended so quickly. A leading source for info: financial technology. Its almost impossible to pass one day, but it is not necessary. During the week I took a 21-mission and have no desire to hurry. Large pleasure brought inner peace, "the Hyperion" – this is great! Although, there arises the phrase "Somewhere I have seen it," and a pioneer in this regard was the game Prey with its interactive bar in the early game. Most impressed and pleasure I received in the time between missions – it is these gaps create a deep atmosphere, from which you do not want to leave.

With great pleasure watching the news, talking with fellow travelers "Hyperion," climbed into Zeratul's memories, laughed at him and Toshem voodoo doll:). The plot is twisted in a big way, and without platitudes while. Each character – alive, with his eccentricities and izyumenkoy, and urgent: the game a little something new, while constantly passing floats the idea of "somewhere I've already seen." And I saw this in the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. So Starcraft 2 late in terms of interactivity and gameplay. Reference: 'StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – a computer game in the genre of real-time strategy, continuation of StarCraft. The game is set in 26 century in a remote part of the Milky Way galaxy. The game's plot is based on the interaction of three races: Terrans (the descendants of Earth colonists who have lost their connection to the Earth), Zerg (race insect creatures controlled by the Queen of Blades) and the Protoss (high-tech race with strong psionic abilities). Wings of Liberty focuses on Earthlings, and add Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will be focused on the Zerg and Protoss, respectively. The game takes place four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War. '

Encrypt File Servers

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

There are only three ways to protect computer data from unauthorized access: 1.Administrativnymi or physical measures impede access to the computer itself. 2.Unichtozhat data as soon as there is a threat to their disclosure. 3.Ispolzovat encryption for data storage and transmission. Encryption of data in terms of ease of implementation, usability and cost, is the most effective solution. However, no encryption solve all the problems of data protection.

In the case where the system fails, go bad drive, lost or confiscated a computer server, if you do not use the additional funds, the data will be lost. For In order to really feel comfortable for the information on their computers, in addition to the encryption system, as a minimum, must also attend two components: 1) Backup. Moreover, the Then there's backup from the main, and the simpler and more synchronized data, the better. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 2) Accounting and concurrent access to data for users. Each employee should only see that part of the iceberg, which associated only with its immediate work.

Using the program can encrypt files on their own to gather such a system. But you can use ready-made solutions. Encrypt file servers is especially the case such decisions. Encrypts the file server – a hardware-software product, almost immediately ready for use. If the best-known software products (PGP, DriveCrypt, and others) are the only components to install somewhere, and pairing up with something, then encrypt the file servers – a ready-made products, which in addition to data encryption have been implemented backup functions, separation of user access, emergency turn off the alarm, secure network access, etc. Bought a plug and work. Advantage and at the same time, the lack of encryption file server is its centralized. The advantage is that all the valuable enterprise information is stored centrally in one place, it is easier to record, perform backups, perform emergency stop and alarm, etc. The disadvantage is that the user computers may remain some of the unencrypted confidential information. Therefore, to achieve a higher degree of data protection is desirable to use one of the following decisions: 1.Ispolzovat encrypt file servers for centralized storage of particularly critical data and databases, and to protect the drive of each computer to use encryption program in private. 2.Reglamentirovat the user in such a way that custom computers generally can not enter confidential information. To do this, you can use, such as terminal solutions or thin client. At the time of writing this article on the Russian market represented by only one kind of ready encrypts the file server – it's "Oasis Kriptofayl" NGO "scheme" (). Number of Russian companies offer server versions of encryption software (Zserver, StrongDisk Server, Secret Disk Server), using which can also create your own encrypting a file server, setting them on the server platform with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and adding an additional backup system duplication by other manufacturers.

Some Free Antivirus

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Among the anti-virus software for PC users, there are not paid. Free antivirus for the user's PC is divided into programs to protect your computer in real time and full scan your PC for running virus scanner. Commercial anti-virus software are certainly better than no pay, but it is worth saying on probation. There are excellent non-commercial anti-virus programs, which provide protection user's computer and have their own characteristics. Such anti-virus software is not much, but they are. This free version antivirus Avira, avast!, Antivirus Free AVG. Any of the above programs has its merits, yet all are very similar and equally good job of protecting your computer. First became widespread trust free antivirus avast! Home Edition.

This is a good antivirus program is not resource intensive anti-virus scanner protection module PC in real time, and other modules. Good reviews, uses Avire Free, this anti-virus program just has everything you need to fully protect your computer. Timely virus database updated, the antivirus become a powerful and good solution for PC protection. Unlike the new anti-virus program AVG is that it is only for Windows 7, Vista and XP. It was not without effort Microsoft, for which thanks Microsoft, for the ability to protect free custom operating systems. Commercial anti-virus software are certainly better than free, but it can be considered conditional. There are excellent non-commercial anti-virus software, which provide reliable protection for home PC and have their own characteristics. These anti-virus software is small, but such is. Each of the anti-virus software has its advantages, but in general are all very similar and equally great to cope with their task.

Artificial Intelligence Computer

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Creating quality artificial intelligence for computer games is now a real problem. Only one sound and graphics, even though they are very, very best, can not guarantee the ultimate success computer games. Gameplay – that's what collects huge crowds of fans, and that makes the game a true masterpiece. That's why, today, the attention of developers are increasingly focused on improvement of artificial intelligence in computer games. Probably, the penetration of the problem and led to the tournament BotPrize. BotPrize – an annual three-month competition among computer "bots" for Unreal Tournament 2004.

The behavior of the game character controlled "bot" is estimated by the expert group. More precisely experts are trying to determine who controls the character of a person or artificial intelligence. At the heart of BotPrize is one of the modifications, so called "Turing test". Turing Test, as its name implies, was proposed by Alan Turing in 1950, to determine whether the machine intelligence. The classic interpretation of the Turing test is as follows way. Man-Expert communicates through a keyboard with two companions, one man and one computer.

It is believed that the computer will be a test for intelligence, if within a specified time expert can not clearly define who is a real person of the interlocutors, and who is machine. According to Associate Professor School of Computer and Information Science at Philip Hingston Australia, the tournament BotPrize is of great importance for artificial intelligence in games. BotPrize shows that computer games can be made much more interesting and enjoyable, if a qualitative model of artificial intelligence. In 2009, attended by fifteen BotPrize applicants from around the world: from Japan to Brazil. The choice of game to create "bots" fell on the Unreal Tournament 2004. For the "purity of judging," every means of communication among the players deactivated. This allows you to evaluate the intelligence of "bots" only based on their behavior. Each judge at the same time meets the two rivals. He does not know how the character manages a real person, and how artificial intelligence. At the expiration of ten to fifteen minutes game expert you must determine which of the characters is a "bot". If the program to control the bot can fool at least 80% of the judges, the creator receives a grand prize of $ 6,000. In BotPrize, held in 2008, do it no one has. Then the creator of the "human-like" artificial intelligence gave the founders of the tournament consolation prize of $ 1,700. In conclusion it should be noted that attempts to draw attention to the problem create a quality game AI does not end the tournament BotPrize. In August 2009 a group of scientists in the field of Computer Science has announced a competition to win the game Super Mario Bros programs Artificial Intelligence. Scientists do not accidentally select this version of Mario. The fact is that in this version of the game, each level is randomly generated, and the number of such levels can be infinite. The founders of the tournament promised the winner that development, which will be more on all levels. True, the prize of this contest is far less than BotPrize and is only $ 500.

Spy Lee Windows

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Windows, too, without demand sends information to Microsoft. We will tell you that it is transferring your operating system, as it is to disable and what will be posledstviya.WINDOWS GENUINE ADVANTAGE Technology authentication is required to determine whether a legal copy of Windows you use. For this purpose, it checks the hardware with the checksum BIOS, MAC address and serial number of the hard disk. Furthermore, such information is collected about the system, as the identification number product and the activation key. Remove Windows Genuine Adavantage (WGA) by hand is difficult, therefore, had been set up utilities, such as muBlinder, who will perform the work for you. As they remove the copy protection, their use is illegal.

However, after removal of the WGA you will only receive the necessary updates for bezopasnosti.Microsoft SpyNET Built Defender Anti-Spyware Defender, and an optional anti-virus Security makes each user participant in the network SpyNet. If both components signals of danger, SpyNet sends information about it at Microsoft. Information includes IP-address, Windows and browser. They also include details such as form data and search results, sometimes – the mini-dump, or about origin of spyware. From the network SpyNet can go in the "Defender", and using the "Tools Microsoft SpyNet Do not join the community of Microsoft SpyNet – to refuse entry to it. If you use antivirus Essentials, found in the registry section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE MicrosoftMicrosoft AntimalwareSpyNet and change the key SpyNet-Reporting by "O". With Windows 7, you first have to unlock additional access to the key. This is done in the registry by clicking the right mouse button no SpyNet Permissions. Disable this feature, you lose connection with the Dynamic Signature Service, which provides both a Microsoft with new signatures in real time.

Netbook Remix Interface

Monday, January 27th, 2014

"Unstable" version of 2.1, has the status of the Alpha, the latest available at the time writing material, in fact, remained quite stable and reliable. After a 15-minute installation the OS detect all the hardware components of the test notebook was fully ready to go. Here is the architecture Moblin 2.1 The main feature of Moblin – its Internet-oriented: according to a set of applications and functions most efficiently the OS can use people who "live on the web." Initially, the system has the most Deep integration of different Web services, including social networking, instant messaging, etc. The system interface is equally easy to work on conventional and touchscreen, is implemented using tabs located in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen. His points are familiar labels "Media", by which you can go to find audio and video content on the Web and on disk, and "Applications", leading to a list programs – as has already been installed on the netbook, and available for immediate download. The other tabs are integrated interfaces for social networking and tracking activity users-"friends." The system has its own built-in browser and a technology-based Mozilla, and IM-client Empathy. In general, the system interface for all its convenience seemed to us not configurable: for example, customize the display of the active keyboard layout in the taskbar at the current version of the impossible. Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Interface solutions Ubuntu Netbook Remix saves screen space use in the name of the OS instead of the word Remix usual for the production of Canonical Edition of the term is not accidental and suggests that significant differences from the version for the "full" of fixed and mobile PCs there are few – only the interface has undergone changes, in addition, added some interesting applets (special modules for the environment GNOME).

Computer Assistance

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

A couple of years ago my friend instead of what would work in normal operation, decided to deal with computer assistance. Himself, so to speak the host. He had experience working in a computer store and I owned and sales skills management. So I agreed price analysis Harosh and he did well and I am too. In general, as well as ads on rabotali.Kleili entrance, business cards. direct sales. Actually not bad earning.

More this topic, I described in my blog bmserver Just want to add that just like any other work is work. Easy money is not there and there is huge competition. But if you sharish in this business and a professional, you will dlyudi call themselves, and even recommend you to their friends. vspominaetsya a funny moment, namely, to expand the range of services we exerted a friend to all other decided to focus on creating websites. It does not matter that neither he nor I sense in this nifiga.

Move decided by previously tested the scheme, namely the search for the masterminds and perpetrators. Ie to be roughly the mediators, while telling everyone that they say we niebatsya cool designers))) As the main result of grit. For this purpose, we have made special Daddy with examples of work patterns nadergali Ineta and went to offer their services. Navigating for the entire order and received an earned in my 3 or 4 of the ruble. a little later, when I became actively read LJ, I came across the famous Ttatyanycha a similar decision only executed many many earlier (remember all our Encyclopedias were in 2008). like this happens. In general you should not think, to do)))