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Miguel Dominguez Autor

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

All the money that Ud spends on marketing will generate traffic to your site, there’s a simple rule, how much more traffic to reach to its page web means that you’ll have more business opportunities. You must take into account that you can control your investment and measure return on it very quickly, turning your marketing results-based budget. If you need help to evaluate a potential supplier, here are some questions that can help you. 1. How I captured visitors of Internet traffic? Can I follow their movements through my web site? If so, how? 2 How I manage pay per click (PPC) to ensure me good results and not lose money? 3. How mido if my site is nice for my users? 4 Reviews for my page could get to determine the appropriate level of hosting? 5.

Do things that I have to change on my web site? What things can I change on my own? 6. If I want to change the appearance, that changes are required, and which affect the internal codes of the web? 7. What you need to add a new page to match it with an ad that are running on the new site? For example, I want to announce a special event, and if I must create a specific page for this, what is required to do this? 8 Which is the cost per product for the web site? 9. Who owns the source code of the site? Therefore, think about your goals. Think about what you want to achieve and spend the money according to the results that you want to achieve. A very simple website, does not generate the results that must and can be obtained via the Internet. That you do not mislead by $60,000.

Security Council Work

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Today, almost everybody can turn on your computer, visit the websites, check email and create documents in Microsoft Word. However, since the use of a computer is very simple, then those who do not have specific knowledge in the field Computer security is very difficult to understand why they need to worry about staying safe on the computer. In this article I would like to give basic tips on staying safe on the computer. Update your anti-virus Anti- is an excellent protection against most threats to your computer. Today there is a huge selection of various antivirus software, which automatically every day will scan your computer for viruses. However, the problem is that anti-virus software are not long-lasting protection, because every day there are more and more new types of viruses. And if you do not regularly update your anti-virus, most likely you will hook some new contagion in Internet, about which he knows nothing your antivirus. Block your PC computer is a part of your personal space.

Any person should not be able to view your personal information. Take for habit lock your computer every time you get up from the computer, even if you just decided to go to the toilet. Break your computer, you can take a few minutes, but the password will take you a couple of seconds and you'll be able to return to his work at the computer. Do not click on suspicious links, Be careful when you receive a letter asking you to select your personal information, even if you think that the senders letters are reliable companies. Attackers often send links that are similar in appearance to the addresses of these companies, however, differ in one or two letters. Thus, they redirect you to a fake websites to get your username and password. Install Update for Windows very often produces various Microsoft updates and patches for Windows, which fix security vulnerabilities found by Windows. So do not ignore installation of these updates, because otherwise your computer may become vulnerable to various network attacks. Set a strong password more complex the password, you come up with, the harder it will get access to your system. Therefore, Invent a password consisting of numbers, special characters and letters in upper and lower case.

Web Scanners

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

When using these tools need to be confident in their skills or qualifications of staff performing this scan, as the only professionals in the IT field can guarantee the safety of this procedure. IT-defense is exactly the area in which you should not rely 'at random', but better to resort to using professionalov.Software or hardware? Vulnerability scanners are also divided into hardware and software. Software scanners run on servers or working stations within the network. Hardware scanners are separate devices. Software vulnerability scanners provide a wider range of options to configure and manage, while hardware scanners are easier to install and require no user intervention in the process of finding vulnerabilities. The prevalence of a particular type of vulnerabilities are constantly changing. In the past few years, organizations have become more attention to information security within the company, forcing the hackers to focus on another type of vulnerabilities – security vulnerabilities in Web applications.

Web sites today for many are a goldmine that can not attract the attention of fraudsters and hackers. Therefore, today the majority of attacks are aimed at the identification and exploitation of this vulnerability, available from the outside rather than on-net. To operate the Web sites often need to be open in 1980 port, which is actively and are criminals. They seek out weaknesses in information security software server software, and receiving management website, extract information from databases, copy files from my hard disk, or use the server for the victims of spam and malware distribution PO.Skanery vulnerabilities – the conclusion vulnerability scanners are well used as a web application, so and intra-level analysis of information security IT systems.

Protecting Wi-Fi Network

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Quite often we hear common story about how someone – that connects to an open access point via Wi-Fi and download gigabytes of free traffic. In this case, the owner of such a point could not understand, and either forced pay the 'left' traffic, or put up with more bandwidth utilization. All of this is due to neglect of the protection of wireless networks. The problem of unauthorized access to your wireless network relate to both business and home users. In the first case, intended for employees of the firm, but never unprotected Wi-Fi can cause unauthorized access to the service online, identity theft, failures in the system as a whole. Not less likely, and home users, because getting into a home network through an unprotected access point or wireless router, an attacker can not only free use your Internet connection. Having access to such networks can be copied to modify or even completely remove the files, directories, etc..

Also, your computer may be running interceptors keystrokes, viruses – 'Trojan horses' or other malicious software that will run on unknown hosts. All network traffic can be tapped for further research. Themselves with a need tools that can be a real-time browse visit your web-pages, web addresses, as well as to intercept your passwords for future use, for commercial purposes. In addition, your Internet channel can be used for illegal activities. If open wireless network will be used for illegal distribution of films or music, in many countries for it can pay a claim from law enforcement agencies.

Some Free Antivirus

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Among the anti-virus software for PC users, there are not paid. Free antivirus for the user's PC is divided into programs to protect your computer in real time and full scan your PC for running virus scanner. Commercial anti-virus software are certainly better than no pay, but it is worth saying on probation. There are excellent non-commercial anti-virus programs, which provide protection user's computer and have their own characteristics. Such anti-virus software is not much, but they are. This free version antivirus Avira, avast!, Antivirus Free AVG. Any of the above programs has its merits, yet all are very similar and equally good job of protecting your computer. First became widespread trust free antivirus avast! Home Edition.

This is a good antivirus program is not resource intensive anti-virus scanner protection module PC in real time, and other modules. Good reviews, uses Avire Free, this anti-virus program just has everything you need to fully protect your computer. Timely virus database updated, the antivirus become a powerful and good solution for PC protection. Unlike the new anti-virus program AVG is that it is only for Windows 7, Vista and XP. It was not without effort Microsoft, for which thanks Microsoft, for the ability to protect free custom operating systems. Commercial anti-virus software are certainly better than free, but it can be considered conditional. There are excellent non-commercial anti-virus software, which provide reliable protection for home PC and have their own characteristics. These anti-virus software is small, but such is. Each of the anti-virus software has its advantages, but in general are all very similar and equally great to cope with their task.

Disabling Firewall Windows

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

This software allows you to specify which programs will receive access to a PC and when. The firewall should not buy or download, if you are using Windows XP or the new Windows Seven, it is on your device. To install a firewall you need to make the following non-tricky operation. For devices running OS Windows XP: 1. Click on the icon 'Start' button, locate the item 'Settings' and click the submenu link 'Control Panel' .2. Control Panel can be displayed two ways: by category and classical. I recommend you switch to Classic view mode, it can be done by using the link on the left of the icons illustrating kategorii.3. Now select the icon of the earth behind the brick wall beneath it is the same name signature 'Firewall Windows', and double click on it with the left button myshi.4.

In the window that opens, give the switch to 'Enable' .5. Clicking on the tab 'exceptions', you can specify a list of programs that will be able to establish incoming network connections. Here I recommend you list the software that will receive the new updates over the network, Plus, the programs such as Skype, QIP, ICQ, and similar products. In that case, if your laptop is running Windows 7, the procedure would be similar: 1. Click on the button 'Start' button, and click the radio button 'Control Panel' .2. Now go to the version of an icon for this, use the appropriate radio button in the upper right corner ekrana.3.

Find the icon 'Firewall Windows' and double click on the left button myshki.4. In the left sidebar choose the link "Enabling and Disabling Firewall Windows' and expose the switch to 'Enable Firewall Windows'. After performing the above steps, the computer fraudsters will be much harder to access and hack your laptop. It's worth noting that if your computer is part of a local network with shared access to the Internet, the firewall can be activated only on the host computer is directly connected to the Internet. I think this article will be useful not only for beginners and experienced computer users, since in matters of security to prevent more trouble than deal with all its consequences.