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October 8th, 2014 by Rosemary
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In the last decades, the jewelry has freed itself from its original meaning of reason as a symbol of power and status. The jewelry seems to gain more and more popularity. The affordable, stylish, oriented on the new trends in fashion jewelry is worn by jewellery lovers happy. The rich offer of the fashion jewelry can be found in every jewelry store and very much in the jewelry world has changed with this new type of jewelry. In recent decades, new trends have developed in the jewelry world. The jewelry as such, gradually freed itself from its original meaning of reason – the symbol of power and status, and became rather a means of expression of the designer and the jewelry lover. Science and technology contributed to that were increasingly the various materials used in the manufacture of jewelry pieces and placed on the same level with precious metals. Stainless steel, titanium, tungsten are the unusual materials which are entered in the jewellery and the idea of the designer in Foreground made.

The use of industrially manufactured precast and State of the art techniques resulted in it today industrially produced more and more jewelry. The new materials with specific properties and technical progress dictate the fashion and new trends. Stainless steel, for example, is mostly for rigor and minimalism. It is used also in the stainless steel jewellery diamonds and even diamonds. Tungsten is a forever-lasting, scratch-resistant jewelry that can be passed intact to future generations. Titanium has been recognized as the hautfreundlichste metal. Its use in the jewellery and watch industry is particularly large and has a tendency to grow.

The unusual materials make the fashion and the once found tungsten can be nowadays use in a light bulb to one of many sought after piece of jewelry. Not necessarily only the precious metals in jewelry making to be used it to create a unique piece of jewelry. It is an original idea, flawless execution and the piece of jewellery made of precious metal gets extra artistic value. Finally how to fit the jewelry to the own outfit and how to create the unique and harmonious exterior is not so much important it how much at once, the man can wear kilos gold, is important.

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