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October 12th, 2014 by Rosemary
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What factors a type-appropriate hairstyle make up the long search after the appropriate hairstyle wants the Wurzburg type consultant Anneli Eick finally end saloon in a joint project in collaboration with Doreen Kirsten by the hype. To find the best hairstyle is not easy, which makes for a rather tiresome morning theme in many bathrooms. What do I get anyway?”many afflicted woman wonders after many attempts of experimentation with the stubborn hair. The most important factors are not observed often when selecting the hairstyle”, says Anneli Eick. Face shape, skin type and style of the bearer not to color and cut of the hair, fit a woman neither good looks nor feels it!” The fully-booked seminars of the consultant prove that many women are unsure in dealing with your hair. The type-appropriate hairstyle is also the topic number one in each advice of type of reveals the expert.

Reason for this is that each person has a very individual appearance: head shape, inside of the face and the hair structure are very different from others. Therefore, it is often disappointing when hairstyles are copied by stars or hairstyle models because these completely different on your own head. Also in terms of care of the hair, some woman is often a little stumped and must take up the fight to a neat hairstyle new every day. The color and style consultant knows exactly how to recognize what hairstyle is ideal. In collaboration with Doreen crates by the hype saloon in which Julius promenade offers 15 customers, who want to finally find their ideal hairstyle, a day of consulting at. The ladies know what hair color to skin type fits, what length best emphasizes the face and if a pony is suitable. Hair structure and care can be discussed. Further information and dates at.

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