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October 3rd, 2014 by Rosemary
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The Celtic jewelry is not only beautiful to wear, but has also a great symbolic power. The origins of Celtic art are located in the late iron age, also called: La Tene culture. However, there were large chronological and regional differences. The spiritual importance of their jewelry was far more important than the mere ornament on a neck or hand the Celts. Celtic jewelry has been worn as a talisman or amulet, and should continue to help people in difficult situations or to protect them.

The used pattern and symbols are of timeless beauty, and are certainly also therefore rediscovered and today like to worn. The Trinity was the truly dominant symbol in Celtic cultures. It could consist of three together interlaced triangles, Triquetta called, or of three-spaced, spirals, the Triskele. The Trinity is not only a meaningful importance. For one, it stands for the elements; Water, fire, air; But also for the curriculum vitae; Past, present and future. In some regions meant the Trinity girls, woman and Crone. Especially the Triquetta often considered the symbol of femininity.

Many other Celtic motifs, as for example the Celtic horses”one can find these basic shapes. They’re always in three parts and arranged symmetrically. A further, often used symbol, is the Celtic knots. It stands for infinity, a perpetual continuous cycle, birth, life and dead. It has endless variations, but always there is no beginning and no end. That’s why he is also known as infinite nodes. Triquetta, Triskele and the Celtic knots were, and are, the most commonly used Celtic symbols. Also very known, and especially tonight like worn for days, is the tree of life. He represents the connection between heaven and Earth. The world as a large tree, the roots of which go deep into the Earth, and whose Zweige stretching far into the sky. The tree of life provides the balance and the harmony between the two worlds. The Celtic motifs had long been forgotten. But recent years acquired just high-quality jewelry with Celtic motives a growing fan base. The motives are not only timeless and beautiful, but carried also today especially because of the power of the great importance. Celtic there are jewelry pieces now from many materials and in various variants, so something should be safe for everyone. SID Kroker

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