Technological Revolution

October 26th, 2014 by Rosemary
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The technological revolution brings us many advantages we live in an exciting age and we are in the middle of the technological revolution. Now it is called buckle up before the fast-paced thrill ride. The perhaps most interesting aspect of the modern technology is the speed with which she develop. It has been only just over a decade since the Internet has taken the world by storm, and this development is so far unable to stop. We have the rise of the dot-com bubble”in California, in Silicon Valley at the beginning of the new millennium witnessed, as ideas that were drawn on napkins, overnight millionaires have created, as well as the ensuing dotcom crash. The devices are getting smaller and smaller and have witnessed the development of the computer to the laptop and now to your compact NetBook. In addition, there are the stand-alone mobile Internet market for tablets, iPhones and other portable communication devices, through which we anytime, anywhere connected to the World Wide Web.

Our private and everyday life is due to the portable and handy devices changed. About in-car GPS systems or portable device in hand, we find our in a foreign city right off the bat. Our grandparents would understand a battery-powered radio with a wireless device. Asked a teenager to a wireless device, the teenager about all this will enlighten one and while on just such a device in cyberspace with unknown an online role-playing game to play. The devices become smaller and increasingly wireless. So Internet users can connect at home, at the University, at the airport and in hotels without cable. Peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse and printer, are increasingly wireless. You can surf so in the living room on the Internet and send a file to a WiFi printer located anywhere in the House.

Consumer culture and international business relations differ substantially from their appearance two decades ago. A backyard company, whose employees only on a network computer and something entrepreneurial skill You can globally operate and to large conglomerates in competition. At the same time the E-Commerce promotes a culture of buying, in the goods around the clock are accessible; from the sofa can be banking transactions done, the holiday booked, purchases made and played poker. The technological revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. Much has happened in the last decade; What will the next decade bring? Karoline Sanam

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