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New Industrial Displays

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

HY-LINE computer components presented the new TFT modules with projective capacitive touch technology (PCAP) from Mitsubishi electric. Learn more at this site: technology investor. These new modules are available in the sizes 6.5 “(AA065VE11-DA-01), 8.4” (AA084SD11-DA-01), 9.0 “(AA090TA01-DA-01) and 12.1” (AA121XN11-DE-0 x) as well as in 10,4 “available. Here in 2 different resolutions: SVGA (AA104SL02-DE-01) and XGA (AA104XF02-DE-01) available. They are characterized by their high image brightness and wide viewing angle. With these new modules, Mitsubishi Electric offers highly reliable touch panel solutions, which include also the controller board and the driver software in addition to TFT-LCD and P-CAP-touch panel. These new modules provide powerful and easy-to-use industrial products.

?? Thanks to thin and especially conductive sensor cables based on proprietary TFT-array technologies offer a high sensitivity, as well as any variation the new TFT-LCD modules themselves through a 2.8 mm thick safety glass. Furthermore, the proprietary detection modules support and Processing technologies, which provide a quick response to finger movements – also if the user wearing gloves.? The TFT-LCD modules meet the increasing market demand for projective capacitive touch panels for industrial applications. The intuitive usability, the extended temperature range, the outstanding color quality and extra wide viewing angle of these modules allow their use in various applications and installation environments. HY-LINE computer components provides the display ready-made in the kit with controller, OSD and cable set. Technical support, marketing and sales staff are competent for all questions.

Right POS System

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Without technical POS system it is no longer at the present time in this day and age, almost all major transactions with State of the art POS systems are equipped. A reduction of the amount of work is not possible without the appropriate POS software. Are controlled with the POS software deposits and withdrawals, the card payment can be offered as an alternative to the cash customers and the receipts are issued. That the operations are entered by hand into the Fund’s still rare, because most companies have already switched due to the workload on the modern POS systems. Thus, by means of POS software, all information disclosed to the network, saved on the computer and the control of accounting is no great action.

Because the cash register software listed, how much of each product was sold and publishes a message at a minimum stock, no more article can go out. Causes the new orders data suppliers about can a good POS software Promotions planning as well as the display design and share the designs to the printer. A great help for accounting is POS software that helps you create the annual balance sheet. Sometimes, these can be sent also still directly to the competent tax office. POS software can be individually adjusted by the users and programmed, because it comes in the raw. A good POS software at is available. Even inexperienced users learn how to handle the cash register software in a short time. The customers are enthusiastic about the POS software is to read the customer reviews, because this occurred a considerable workload and no unnecessary time is wasted with the accounting.

Technological Revolution

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

The technological revolution brings us many advantages we live in an exciting age and we are in the middle of the technological revolution. Now it is called buckle up before the fast-paced thrill ride. The perhaps most interesting aspect of the modern technology is the speed with which she develop. It has been only just over a decade since the Internet has taken the world by storm, and this development is so far unable to stop. We have the rise of the dot-com bubble”in California, in Silicon Valley at the beginning of the new millennium witnessed, as ideas that were drawn on napkins, overnight millionaires have created, as well as the ensuing dotcom crash. The devices are getting smaller and smaller and have witnessed the development of the computer to the laptop and now to your compact NetBook. In addition, there are the stand-alone mobile Internet market for tablets, iPhones and other portable communication devices, through which we anytime, anywhere connected to the World Wide Web.

Our private and everyday life is due to the portable and handy devices changed. About in-car GPS systems or portable device in hand, we find our in a foreign city right off the bat. Our grandparents would understand a battery-powered radio with a wireless device. Asked a teenager to a wireless device, the teenager about all this will enlighten one and while on just such a device in cyberspace with unknown an online role-playing game to play. The devices become smaller and increasingly wireless. So Internet users can connect at home, at the University, at the airport and in hotels without cable. Peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse and printer, are increasingly wireless. You can surf so in the living room on the Internet and send a file to a WiFi printer located anywhere in the House.

Consumer culture and international business relations differ substantially from their appearance two decades ago. A backyard company, whose employees only on a network computer and something entrepreneurial skill You can globally operate and to large conglomerates in competition. At the same time the E-Commerce promotes a culture of buying, in the goods around the clock are accessible; from the sofa can be banking transactions done, the holiday booked, purchases made and played poker. The technological revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. Much has happened in the last decade; What will the next decade bring? Karoline Sanam

InFocus DisplayLink

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

DisplayLink technology now also for Mac available Kassel, the also rising needs of this special group to meet 17 August 2009 as the number of Mac users around the world increases, working twice as hard for manufacturers. Hardware and software vendors develop therefore Mac versions for a market that so far has been dominated by Windows. InFocus also supports the increasing demand for Apple applications. The InFocus Corporation, the industry pioneer in digital projector technology, announces the availability of the InFocus DisplayLink for Mac users. DisplayLink support is a screen driver which allows Intel-based Apple computers to transmit audio and video content via standard USB to InFocus DisplayLink equipped projectors.

\”InFocus covers all important requirements of the market, as evidenced by the development of the InFocus DisplayLink for Apple. By the simple construction, as well as the multiple presentation options allows users to hold still more collaborative and productive meetings,\”said David Woolf, InFocus’ Vice President global marketing. With the DisplayLink can take advantage of the \”plug- and -project\” function Mac users. A standard USB simply connect 2.0 cable to the projector. The computer detects the driver immediately and within seconds, joins with the InFocus Projector. The establishment requires hardly any time.

The instant switch of the screen allows a direct use of the projector. User ability of DisplayLink also benefit from the multimedia display. This property allows to serve up to four projectors simultaneously from one computer. With this function, users about video walls or different content can project during a meeting. Thus, DisplayLink is the appropriate solution for video conferences and meetings, in which two or more live broadcasts must be notified at the same time. The InFocus DisplayLink driver for Apple enables a fully digital connection, requires no additional InFocus-specific control software and requires only one USB cable to Place of the usual analog PC cable and PC adapter.