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November 30th, 2021 by Rosemary
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HY-LINE computer components presented the new TFT modules with projective capacitive touch technology (PCAP) from Mitsubishi electric. Learn more at this site: technology investor. These new modules are available in the sizes 6.5 “(AA065VE11-DA-01), 8.4” (AA084SD11-DA-01), 9.0 “(AA090TA01-DA-01) and 12.1” (AA121XN11-DE-0 x) as well as in 10,4 “available. Here in 2 different resolutions: SVGA (AA104SL02-DE-01) and XGA (AA104XF02-DE-01) available. They are characterized by their high image brightness and wide viewing angle. With these new modules, Mitsubishi Electric offers highly reliable touch panel solutions, which include also the controller board and the driver software in addition to TFT-LCD and P-CAP-touch panel. These new modules provide powerful and easy-to-use industrial products.

?? Thanks to thin and especially conductive sensor cables based on proprietary TFT-array technologies offer a high sensitivity, as well as any variation the new TFT-LCD modules themselves through a 2.8 mm thick safety glass. Furthermore, the proprietary detection modules support and Processing technologies, which provide a quick response to finger movements – also if the user wearing gloves.? The TFT-LCD modules meet the increasing market demand for projective capacitive touch panels for industrial applications. The intuitive usability, the extended temperature range, the outstanding color quality and extra wide viewing angle of these modules allow their use in various applications and installation environments. HY-LINE computer components provides the display ready-made in the kit with controller, OSD and cable set. Technical support, marketing and sales staff are competent for all questions.

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