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Narrow pink bracelet, pink earrings, pendants and a large necklace will make you irresistible charm of her pink. Many people make the mistake of buying a set of jewelry, ornaments which are related only in that it is made of a metal. First of all, you need to choose products that complement each other in form and style. Before you buy any Jewelry, imagine how they will look at your dress and blend in with its color. 3.Select, at least one great decoration that will look defiant. The main objective of any girl to be seen at party, to stand out and assert themselves. Best friend in this matter stylish costume jewelry. To any very simple dress can be chosen big beautiful decoration, which favorably highlight your style and will focus others. Bright-plated bracelet with a brilliant as popular as tightly run around his neck necklace, which together with the high collar will allow you to look like a queen. Do not be afraid to go beyond the choice of costume jewelry, especially if you have chosen for an evening of simple classic dress. 4.Do not forget the decorations for my hair Most people opt for rings, earrings, bracelets, when they are going to go to a party. Trends in modern Fashion also attached great importance to the jewelry for your hair. To date, there is a huge selection of pins for the hair, which uses pearls, imitation diamonds, and various precious and semi-precious stones, which enhance the beauty of your hair and add shine and style.

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