The New Trends In The Internet

August 10th, 2014 by Rosemary
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Information about the development of email and communication on the Internet free and easy sending of messages in text form opened businesses and individuals new perspectives. Almost everything seemed to be via electronic mail to unwind and also Deutsche Post began to really worry about their position in the future. Quickly was made possible also send other files, such as images and sound files in the annex. What began as obviously never decreasing trend, now not more nearly has the significance as a few years ago. Trend researchers since then are looking to the trends that are pronounced “fit for the future” and are likely to keep stock in the long term. While future researchers believed the increasingly unanimous, that Deutsche Post at any time can be replaced by electronic competition, shows now that even the email trend is striking.

Sink the number of personally sent E-Mail messages to almost 50% in the past two years. One reason: Social networks take over the information media most of the private communication over Internet. No matter, whether via chat or as a private message – the emails seem replaced. Speaker at the big meetings and online exhibitions present the latest developments of the youth meanwhile. The appointment to the colloquial flash mobs is very high in the course. In this case, involves unusual campaigns to those interested in the Internet dating. Primarily, it is to inspire a large amount of people for particular and quickly planned actions. So, finally, even the Munster police had to make big eyes when suddenly out of nowhere more than 800 cyclists fully laid down the largest roundabout the bicycle capital of Germany for almost 20 minutes and unnavigable made for all cars.

Even the way of self-expression are been greatly expanded through the medium of the Internet. Trend researchers found that every tenth person is a own video channel be equity calls to show up from selected viewers. “All the more unusual appearance, the higher the popularity and the video calls”, explain the future researchers, which can be probably no oddity in the Internet more in astonishment. Another approaching up trend in the network is the “social TV”. More and more television programs try to link with the purpose of that actively engaged the audience in the program and broadcast design with inquiring consumers. A really fascinating approach: Contouring with television and interactive power generation involving the viewers in real time. The exchange of knowledge about media, reports and events is largely discussed in real time on the World Wide Web: while the still debating political speaker in the Bundestag, there are already the first opinions in the Internet forums of popular news channel.

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