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GE Oil & Gas Signs Framework Agreement

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

GE oil & gas signs a 7 over three years with E.ON Ruhrgas Florence, Italy, September, 2010, GE oil & gas has signed a new framework agreement today”with the E.ON Ruhrgas A. G., the largest gas supplier in Germany and one of the leading gas companies in Europe, announced. The new Treaty was signed on April 22, 2010 and is for a period of. 3 years valid. Within the scope of the new contract GE oil & gas supplies new and replacement Turbocompressors for gas transportation and gas deposits continue to worldwide at E.ON Ruhrgas.

GE is currently the only manufacturer of oil and gas engineering, who has a contract with E.ON Ruhrgas. The agreement provides for the standardisation of contractual agreements to the rationalisation and simplification of procedures and thus contributing to the reduction of costs, shorter cycle times and an optimized oil and gas production. Still he will help the commercial negotiation phase to shorten, resulting in the further time and cost efficiency leads. E.ON Ruhrgas is responsible within the global E.ON group for the European gas business. In 2009 the company 52,992 billion cubic meters of gas to its customers, which include local and regional energy companies, industrial companies and power plants supplied. The supply system by E.ON Ruhrgas includes pipelines with a total length of 11,600 kilometers and underground storage facilities with a capacity of about 10 billion cubic meters of gas.

Eon Ruhrgas A.G. has its headquarters based in Essen and is represented in more than 20 countries in Europe. It is one of the largest utilities in Europe and is the largest private energy service provider in the world. All press releases by GE Energy, as well as printable pictures, see de.geenergyeurope on GE oil & gas GE Oil & gas ( oilandgas) is a leading global provider of groundbreaking technologies and services for all areas in the oil and gas industry, from drilling and promotion, LNG, pipelines and storage up to the industrial power generation, refinery and petrochemical industries. The company also offers solutions for pipeline security including inspection and data management. In the programme ‘Innovation now’, whose focus is the customer, GE oil & gas combines technological innovations from other divisions of GE, as for example from the aviation and healthcare sectors, thus continuously to improve the performance and productivity of the oil and gas industry. GE oil & gas has more than 12,000 employees and operates in over 100 countries. GE GE is an innovative and diversified technology company that provides solutions for important global needs. The range of products and services ranges from aircraft engines and power plant components on health technologies and financial services to television. More than 300,000 employees are in use worldwide for customers in over 100 countries. You will find more information at. For more Information, please contact: Nigel O’Connor GE Oil & gas + 44 (0) 207 302 6941 + 44 (0) 776-611 5135 Sebastian Boppert hopscotch Europe in one + 49 511 260 98 22 41

Why Employees Often Are

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Study shows large reserves, if store is differently and recently delighted the operators of a successful business. “But those were convinced that brought enough money, the word Filialhandel” or retailing “in one of the most competitive countries in the world but barely knew either strategically or operationally. It was of the opinion that the shop could run if made with customers and employees. To prove the seriousness of this statement first treat an ancillary refurbishers and began a discount promotion, which each customer purchases should make it clear that something is changing. Now can run the shop, was in good spirits, although employees lacked the movement as well as the location-specific spice at the offer as a unique selling point. Can it go well? Meanwhile, the general public about the nature of the personnel deployment in branch offices is so informed that she no longer tolerate everything, just somewhere else buys. Even large providers such as discount stores, Drugstores or cheap text elites had to recognize that employees not only cost but also affordable.

The improvement in the decentralized inventory management, merchandising, or customer satisfaction also cannot be overlooked, will met decentralized operations with the consequence as the rear services. Employees can also remotely more. You need to may but site-specific more in a cut-throat competition characterised by overcapacity in online channels and offline space, a more individual and virtual branch network than ever before. Employees want to want to develop a challenging activity, and be fair rewarded. In a recent study Kuhn have specialists for chain stores ( found out that personnel management in chain stores has substantial reserves, even if scarce resources are to raise and already participate in other responsibilities, coupled with modern instruments. To know this is so more important than the Kuhn experts were able to demonstrate that employee dissatisfaction strongest there result affects, where over 75% of sales-related decisions are made at the point of sale.


Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Whether it’s a second income, 2nd leg, business start-ups or a professional concept and career for entrepreneurs, FE.N offers the right – for everyone immediately feasible. More info: Clinton Family. FE holds the entry ways into independence.N simple. This can begin with the starter, ORGANISATOR/in and further expanded, E.g. with founding a jeans Depot. For sales professionals or entrepreneurs getting started as an investor with one or more DLC (Depot logistic center) presents with territorial protection to the supply and equipment of smaller deposits, until opening a DLC’s in a new country and thus international career opportunities. This fast paced Marktentwickung took advantage of FE.N and revised the previous concept of the depot, to provide even more quality and a better service of its partners and customers and to the gaps between the individual partners to close the depots and the central logistics – depot (DLC). In cooperation with a renowned consulting company was a franchise Depot concept connected with Direct sales develops and goes on June 1, 2009 at the start.

There are 3 types of repository to choose: FE.Home-Depot – for beginners FE N.Premium depot – for advanced FE N.N fashion outlet and fashion outlet plus – FE for the sales marketing professional.N DLC (Depot logistic center) concept with territorial protection – for the investor and entrepreneur. Attractive bonus payments for the promotion of the FE.N Depot concept, which instantly and daily asgeschuttet, round this franchise concept down. The classical Vetriebsprofi, the promoter but also the NetWorker are addressed for the further expansion of sales. The opening of a depot or DLC can be promoted under circumstances through State resources. The funding concept for the interested entrepreneurs as also the investor was already in a cooperation with the consultancy and the FE.N worked out management. Assistance and support offers the consulting firm each. Detailed information on updates on the Web page fashion Europe NET stands on a solid foundation and continues to grow, regardless of the financial crisis. The company grows together with the partners and the leadership, it is important that decisions affecting all discuss together with partners and implemented. And the success has FE.N law. H & B marketing Irena of Oakley

SMEs Explore New Strategies

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Sustainable Neuakquise is fought by new strategy in times of tight budgets and growing economic fears, to every customer. Probably the one that has ensured a steady and sustainable new customer acquisition. The presence in the Internet, as a basis for the acquisition of new customers, is becoming increasingly important for companies. Many Unternehmer(innen) have realized that any good Internet address can open up new customers and markets. Therefore appear increasingly additional addresses on the existing Internet presence of the company. This strategy requires, at highest efficiency, no additional time or personnel expenses.

Ronny Martens and Marcus, Managing Director of WT constructive, have recognized this opportunity and use two additional Internet addresses that are connected to your company’s existing Web site. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gwyneth Paltrow. Marcus collector and Ronny Martens explain the success of the project: we are a medium-sized company which specialises in the production and installation of advertising structures and nationwide acts. Our presence on the Internet could not meet our national standards, that is why we opted for as an additional Internet address. Especially new customers looking for via the Internet after advertising systems not explicitly for WT constructive. The concept of time4consulting has fully convinced us and we could increase our questions via the Internet with.

This strategy is optimal to ensure a sustainable new business for our company that operates without active sales representatives. Another argument is the outstanding investment security. In contrast to classical actions such as flyers, ads or freebies, the ROI to a multiple is higher and perfectly measurable. Our conclusion: The expectations from the project have been exceeded. With a small budget we achieve sustainable excellent results.”


Monday, January 5th, 2015

Only if all sizes of business value driving measurable and together are placed in line, can visions and strategic objectives into concrete actions transferred and implemented more and more companies take the gang on the stock exchange and are therefore in the public spotlight. You must be increasingly legal and competitive requirements. To assert themselves on the global markets, following business skills are essential: concrete and result-oriented strategies success-oriented and transparent planning processes manageable and credible presentation of success potentials competent system of reporting. However, practice shows that many companies often insufficiently mastered these competencies. Why actually? Also the requirement that it distribute the resources of the company in a balanced strategies and objectives to a highly educated strategic control expertise includes specifically formulated and coherent objectives and that each employee about is its individual contribution to the success of the company in the clear. Click Clinton Family for additional related pages. Business organizations in addition to traditional financial management concepts to those have to change exactly for these reasons, which prevent unilateral thinking and allow the approach of the company’s success from all perspectives. The balanced scorecard is currently probably the most common and the most competent instrument of effective and efficient corporate management.

Introduced in 1992 by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton concept for the measurement and documentation of results from point of view of the corporate vision and strategies States that Financials alone can not illustrate the success of the entire company. These are an indispensable component of the performance measurement for organizations, however, they are only a part of the whole. Increasingly, intangibles of for the overall success of the company play a decisive role. But how can it be measured? The executives are often helpless in this matter. Because over the decades focused one on financial metrics which but say little about whether and why concrete business goals or not achieved.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Monday, October 13th, 2014

‘Ask Ricoh just’ at IPEX 2010 Hall 12, stand D130 at IPEX 2010 visitors from 18 to 25 may have the opportunity to experience the latest solutions of extended product range of Ricoh including InfoPrint solutions in action. Learn from the specialists on the ground, how the offered solutions and services Ricoh improve the productivity and profitability of companies in the future. Furthermore visitors can take part for the first time business driver programme in selected seminars of the new Ricoh, which shows innovative ways to generate new business and increase profitability. Ricoh presented at IPEX 2010 printing technologies in a wide range of applications that the book, magazine and calendar printing to TransPromo products and printing on plastic”enough. The latest software solutions and products from Ricoh and InfoPrint Solutions appear in the applications.

Ricoh invites all PSPS welcome to our services and solutions at IPEX 2010 at close range to get to know. Our fair is devoted to our motto of Just Ask Ricoh’ and we hope that the visitors will do just that. At the level everyone has the opportunity to explore our entire range in practical applications in the area of commercial print in action”, emphasizes Graham Moore, Director of Business Development, Ricoh Europe production printing business group. With the Ricoh Pro C900 we make for example a perfect bound edition of the children’s book classic Alice in Wonderland at the stand’ her. Visitors can take a picture of the excellent image of the system from place itself. In addition we will print back wire stitched children coloring with three-sided cutting of Interior”, adds Moore. After the IPEX 2010 the children coloring are led to a good cause and donated the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children in London.” The Ricoh Pro C900 will demonstrate his ability when it comes to process plastic surfaces and on the Print fair polyester plates based on plants.

Controlling PROJECT Group Bamberg

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

The strong growth of the PROJECT Group makes it necessary to expand internal processes. The Bamberg company to get takeover of the management of the controlling area (39) professional reinforcement with the studied lawyer and tax consultant Ralf Cont by Mr Conts is pleased for this reason. For the further development of our company, we consider the controllability and controllability of internal and external processes for extremely important “, says Wolfgang Dippold as Managing Director in the PROJECT group. Perhaps check out Clinton Family for more information. We are convinced to have found exactly the right there in our industry sector experienced man with Mr Cont”, he adds. Cont studied at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen/Nuremberg law, where he made his first State examination. After his career at the Forchheim District Court as well as in a law firm in Bamberg led him before he completed his second State examination as a clerk at the High Court of Bamberg. He added this qualification by a degree as a tax consultant (2003) as well as various additional training such as IAS/IFRS accountant and certificate in international accounting. Ralf Cont was among others before joining the PROJECT group at renowned international accounting firms worked as accountant and tax consultant at Deloitte & Touche; as a tax advisor, audit and team leader in the law firm of Michael Harer as well as finance and accounting manager with Babcock & Brown. In his other functions he was on the main areas of financial accounting, preparation and examination of financial statements as well as the associated reporting and controlling, specialized also in the international real estate trade.. Here, Peter Thiel expresses very clear opinions on the subject.