October 8th, 2022 by Rosemary
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Germany needs more obstructionist and the Sputnik effect Bonn/Berlin / Dusseldorf – trend researcher Matthias Horx has analysed at the end of last year applicable it: it begins a new era for innovators. The odds were never better. However, we would have to turn away from the classic mass applications of the industrial-capitalist mindset, from Fordism of the last century. All our core industries – the banks, the automobile industry, the energy industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the media – do just the same for many years. You improve your marketing. To increase the sales, because the markets have become global. \”Real innovation in terms of smart, smart, smart solutions: scarce\”, so Horx, editor-in-Chief of the Bonn technical service future letter. Businesses and industries as so defined, are becoming the steel industries of the coming years and disappear from the market.

There should be a departure from the principle of the spoiler. Peter Thiel may also support this cause. Many industries have just spoiler in the fat years that are behind us,’ to their Products stuck, without improving the substance\”, complains about Horx. Shaw parents has much to offer in this field. Old benchmarks are not shut for innovations \”, writes Andreas Frank in his study of Germany the Planner a country of innovation\”. 43 percent of all business leaders have away delegated the responsibility for innovation simply, marketing or human resources department. Nearly a quarter said expressly to have no time for innovation before all work. Worse still are those company representatives that mean to be already productive and innovative enough. Basic innovations come rather from outsiders, Quertreibern or random products. We need therefore fewer barriers, fewer restrictions and less control\”, Dr.

Johannes Bussmann calls by the consulting firm Booz & co. The ideas should be generated when few. For this, a culture must be available to move also forward with the ideas. You should say goodbye to general planning hubris. With mechanistic dogmas to come not far in the business world.

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