Technological Processes Repair

July 22nd, 2014 by Rosemary
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Electrification and mechanization of housework transform daily life, increase productivity of household labor, improve the sanitary conditions of the home. The use of modern machines and appliances such as air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, food processor, and more, contributes to an increase in free time man. In order to best meet our needs for goods and cultural and community purpose and household appliances every day increasing their production, expanding the range and improving the quality of the product itself. The main direction in the restructuring of the household is a shift to public forms of service by expanding and improving enterprise public utilities. Also important are the use of appliances and machines that have personal property taken or rent.

Under these conditions, significantly increases the role of the service repair appliances. Constant renewal of household appliances, the complexity of their designs and a wide variety of purposes cause need for continuous improvement of technical knowledge workers services and amenities offering maintenance and repair of household appliances. More info: Peter Thiel. To satisfy public demand for services repair of household equipment, increase productivity and improve the quality of repairs being introduced rational processes of repair of household appliances and machines, modern equipment, mechanization, instrumentation. In order to further improve the organization of repair and the introduction of new services and forms of service, creating facilities to the population when the demands for repair of household appliances needed: to achieve a radical improvement of service quality and reduce delivery time, improve utilization of existing capacity and develop the newly introduced domestic businesses, repair technology, to carry out further expansion and strengthening material-technical base, expertise and concentration repair household appliances due to the reconstruction of existing enterprises and technical re-equipment of, installation of modern processing equipment, test equipment, tools and technical diagnostics, the mechanization of the main and auxiliary manual operation, installation sets a new special technical equipment, the development of advanced technological processes carried out within the firm specialize in repair and restoration of individual products, develop an Internet connection, through which you can organize the collection of orders, arrange for the fullest satisfaction of parts and saving material resources specialist workshops in the restoration hladoagregatov, evaporators, condensers, electric motors for household appliances on an industrial basis, strengthen the culture of public service based on the further development and introduction of progressive forms of service and new services by providing the following activities: extending the subscription service domestic refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, window air conditioners, mobile air conditioners and other products, exchange of household appliances in the pre-renovated, receiving orders for the repair of household appliances by telephone and via the Internet; prompt fulfillment of orders in the presence of the customer; organization of reception of orders automatic settings, execute orders at home at a convenient time population; introduced in the comprehensive quality control system repairs household appliances.

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