SMEs Explore New Strategies

January 13th, 2015 by Rosemary
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Sustainable Neuakquise is fought by new strategy in times of tight budgets and growing economic fears, to every customer. Probably the one that has ensured a steady and sustainable new customer acquisition. The presence in the Internet, as a basis for the acquisition of new customers, is becoming increasingly important for companies. Many Unternehmer(innen) have realized that any good Internet address can open up new customers and markets. Therefore appear increasingly additional addresses on the existing Internet presence of the company. This strategy requires, at highest efficiency, no additional time or personnel expenses.

Ronny Martens and Marcus, Managing Director of WT constructive, have recognized this opportunity and use two additional Internet addresses that are connected to your company’s existing Web site. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gwyneth Paltrow. Marcus collector and Ronny Martens explain the success of the project: we are a medium-sized company which specialises in the production and installation of advertising structures and nationwide acts. Our presence on the Internet could not meet our national standards, that is why we opted for as an additional Internet address. Especially new customers looking for via the Internet after advertising systems not explicitly for WT constructive. The concept of time4consulting has fully convinced us and we could increase our questions via the Internet with.

This strategy is optimal to ensure a sustainable new business for our company that operates without active sales representatives. Another argument is the outstanding investment security. In contrast to classical actions such as flyers, ads or freebies, the ROI to a multiple is higher and perfectly measurable. Our conclusion: The expectations from the project have been exceeded. With a small budget we achieve sustainable excellent results.”

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