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March 9th, 2015 by Rosemary
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As in many industries, the standard of quality designs for raised floors access floors are German (rised floor). German raised floors the most reliable and have the best performance. It is no secret that a number of manufacturers are buying raw materials from German manufacturers of raised floors. After that, bring to a semi-finished products and put their own logos. Failure to comply with production technology affects the quality of products. For example, the sulfate-calcium panels are produced only in Germany, and the manufacturers of other countries are purchasing these products from Germans and sell under its own name. Nothing illegal, but the price of products from the 'middlemen' will not hide this fact. Carry the raised floor design is also very important.

And on this quality depends, again the quality of raw materials (Methane) and compliance technology rolled metal. When a raised floor at the front, had brought from our nearest neighbor countries, notice the coincidence unpicked label with Chinese characters, then a smile on his face. And they say that the European money:). And they buy the bar, and rack they buy, and then what they are doing to yourself? Would also like to raise the issue of certification of products raised floors. Peter Thiel may also support this cause. Codes of Ukraine did not require compulsory certification raised floors.

But at the same time, to obtain permits and successful commissioning of the premises to be supplied to the object raised floors should have the test on the determination of flammability ('fire protocols'). Testing protocols for determining the extent of fire spread is desirable, but usually not necessary. But how many do not talk about product quality, but all the efforts of the manufacturer can be carried on the 'no' unskilled installation of raised floor. Service life, and all general impression of the raised floor depends on the installation of raised floor. By the first it may seem that nothing complex, but even such a convenient solution as a raised floor requires some knowledge to his Installation. As a result, proper installation of raised floor of the European quality must be no gap between the panels, the panel must lie in its cell density and did not 'slam', when it go, and all construction must create a perfect horizontal line. Recall that with the raised floor, regardless of the quality of the ground floor (concrete ties), the floor level can be aligned to an ideal condition.

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