Effective Insulation

July 3rd, 2014 by Rosemary
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Make a house a truly comfortable and energovygodnym can only limit the heat that is lost through the exterior walls and insulated roof. The room must be so to speak 'as a thermos', then there is virtually no cool. It's difficult, but still possible, if well carried out insulation, as well as conducting testing for tightness of structures. If you look at the statistics, we can see that Russia has, to date, leader in power consumption in Eurasia. In our country, ordinary brick building heat loss for the calendar year were at 250 kW / h per 1 m2. For example, in Britain the figure is much smaller, more precisely at 65%, and even in the Netherlands by 58% Although winter in these countries is on average no more severe than ours. Here, Naveen Selvadurai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In carrying out comprehensive measures aimed at building insulation rate may be reduced to the level of heat loss at 18 kW / h per 1 m2, which is almost 25 times! This figure – this is international standard for energy efficiency.

THE PRINCIPLE OF CHOICE Universal heater no. Each element of the building needs to be heat-insulating material which has specific properties. For insulation pitched roof and basaltic fit fiberglass mats and slabs, for the foundations and other underground structures – an extra-dirovanny polystyrene; outdoor heat insulation – rock wool or other main rule Thermal insulation, laid on the outer surface must be continuous throughout. Effective ways of warming with thermal insulation depends on the way: from inside or outside. Practice shows that the latter much more efficient. For exterior insulation building insulation material all the frost takes over. In this case, the temperature of the walls is almost equal to room temperature. And at home weatherization, exterior wall continues to be cold and its lifespan is reduced. Chill passes through the wall and remains in the form of condensation on the outer surface of the insulation.

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