The REHM GmbH Provides Its Current Catalog For Welders

August 17th, 2019 by Rosemary
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The latest catalogue of welding machine manufacturer Rehm GmbH. In the framework of the new edition of the catalogue, REHM commits the step to one of the most environmentally friendly welding equipment manufacturer for plasma – welding equipment, welding, MIG / MAG / Tig welding machines and welding equipment. This helpful information: climate-neutral catalog creation, many product innovations in the direction of welding energy-friendly and eco-friendly product description. In the then current catalog presents a compilation of the current device offering the Swabian welding equipment manufacturer REHM and shows numerous product development from the point of view of energy saving welding. While the focus put on the profitability of the products.

Also of high importance: the currently latest brochure was created taking into account the environment and is marked with the FSC seal. For the welding device producers REHM speaks not only the variety and freshness of the spectrum of offerings. Even when the processing of the catalog the welding equipment manufacturer in the spirit of the modern age is the new catalog was printed eco-friendly. Fact: CO2 emissions that escape in the manufacture of paper, energy and color, as well as in the print work, be calculated exactly to be outweighed by means of climate protection certificates at the end. In times of climate change and global new requirements take responsibility over the welding equipment manufacturer REHM and his partner by an environmentally-friendly printing process and the application, as well as the Weiterverabrietung of FSC certified paper and relieve as climate and environment.

The current catalog for welders of the Swabian welding technology experts is deliverable from 1.05.2011. End customers and dealers get an extensive overview of the powerful MIG/MAG and Tig welding machines, electrodes inverter, as well as also plasma cutting equipment here. This “ecologically produced Bible” is our welding equipment products through over 100 pages in detail like never before. Contact: REHM GmbH u. co. KG welding Werner eating Ned petrol RT 2 73066 Uhingen

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