Hans Zieglgansberger

August 13th, 2019 by Rosemary
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Also on the client side is in tackling the COC AG thought, continuous surveys and analyses to determine of the satisfaction provided. While in the context of ITSM Tools in the public discussion usually long periods of project implementation and very intensive conditions in the operating spoken of, so HelpMatics represents a compelling alternative with its overhead-free capabilities and practical structure. Especially for IT organizations in medium-sized companies”, Hans Zieglgansberger positioned this ITSM suite. Especially for the cloud model, he sees a significant distribution potential in the market. Just the middle-class will not time consuming invest usually tight resources because of its in the introduction and operation of tools, but instead he wants to experience the benefits of the solution as quickly as possible. The online version is exactly to this request by HelpMatics cut to.” About the COC AG:, The COC AG is an experienced IT service provider with a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology. The company is specialized in the optimization of it.

By improving existing technologies, processes and procedures, the COC AG customers paves the way for cost savings and competitive advantages. IT infrastructure management, IT service management and the development of applications and solutions belong to the professional core competencies of COC AG. Flexibility, reliability and trust are the basis of cooperation for all customer projects. The COC AG as a strong and reliable partner for the entire IT lifecycle is positioned with references from a variety of national and international projects, continuous staff training and certifications from renowned manufacturers. The COC AG employs approximately 170 people at 5 locations in Germany and Austria.

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