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Michael Jackson

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

A good image it is important to have confidence in same you, to secure your personal and professional objectives and to feel well. It continues reading to know which are of the most common errors that the men at the time of choosing their professional clothes commit. – The clothes have sentarte well. Most important they are not the marks but the articles favor to you and are of your stature. You do not entrust yourself in the number because each company has different statures sometimes, prubate always the articles before buying and also if you have changed of weight. The clothes must neither too comfortable nor be too much tightened. – The shirts.

Always asegrate from which the necks and fists are free, and that is not worn away. The shirts must be gangplanks well. He is better to choose them of natural weaves, preferably cotton, also can have something of synthetic but you do not fall in the error to buy them 100% to polyester. The shirt must be of a clearer color that jacket of the suit or blazer. – The white socks. The great singer Michael Jackson was known to always wear white socks, nevertheless is not a good option to take it with nibbles to dress nor either accidental, better to reserve them for when we are going to make sport. – Shirt short sleeve with necktie.

In the surroundings of the office he is better to always take shirt of long sleeve, always we have the option of remangar it when it is warm. The shirts of short sleeve always do not take without necktie and either with the suit. – The shoes neglected. The shoes are a very important accessory, does not make lack have many but that are of skin. Cudalos well, scales brightness on a daily basis and try not ponerte the same pair every day so that they last more. If the sole is worn away, you do not forget to take it to the shoemaker so that it does all the adjustments to you that are necessary. When you use cheap shoes, note at first sight. For the suit: to use shoes of to dress, the best option is neither mocasines that is the more informal nor the boots, unless you are Dundee crocodile or a Texan landowner. – Centrmonos now in the accessories. In a professional atmosphere, the unique accessories of jewelry shop that usually are accepted are the clock, the married alliance and the binoculars. The slopes, you will beat, necklaces and similars, better to reserve stop them outside the office. Before to use a necktie 100% to polyester, it is worth the pain not to use no. Better of it soothes, cotton or even of wool. The necktie must be clean and without loose enlistments nor threads. The suit and the trousers to dress they take with narrow belt but, not with a great clasp. – As far as the hair, it is important to take a present haircut and to maintain it with periodic visits to the barber. To shave the excess of hair between the eyebrows and to cut the hairs that excel of ears and nose. The keys to consider to have a good professional image puedne to be transformed in taking care of hygiene, to pay attention to the details and to use clothes and accessories of quality.

Horns Logitech

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

It has been buying for days these horns Logitech LS21, the sound is quite good and the power also is good, but podria for being better, his to subwoofer gives a good sound him of serious, since it counts on an exit inferior; it has controls of audio and ignition/extinguished besides an entrance for earpieces that assumes that it is so that you do not have to disconnect the horns of your computer, but only with connecting your audiophones you can have but privacy. Something that I like is that not to have as much loose cable and hindering (as usually we have) back of each one of the two horns there is a space to coil the cable and thus not to have so many cables that can be very annoying. Advantages Great quality of audio. Subwoofer with exit inferior. Laptop, computer, cellular, iPod or reproducer MP3 with entrance for earpieces of 3,5 mm can be connected to any. Disadvantages They are not nothing portable. They are estorbosas for being 4 separated things (2 horns, to subwoofer and the gain control), so I recommend to have them in a fixed place. Price In Mexico the price is of between 500 – 600 (although buy I it in radioshack to promotion like 460 pesos). Comparison with other products Before buying these horns I looked for iPod as the one of above, also of logitech that are the S125i model, but the price in which they were was of $640 more or less, and although it did not become, the horns expensive which it buys are but cheap, mainly because encontre in promotion; furthermore when I saw this horn for iPod me hiceron very small and definitively I believe that the quality of auido of the horns that it buys is far better, although this horn for iPod is very small and portable, preferi to choose better quality of sound. For but information it visits: Original author and source of the article.