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The Choice

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

If a kilometer away from you is a train length of 100 meters, and you see it in binoculars as a whole, then the field of view of binoculars is 100 meters. (Not to be confused with Peter Thiel!). Parameters of angle and field of view depend on the diameter of the objective lens and multiplicity, but with the help of advanced optical technology, select models of binoculars have a wider angle of view than it should be the ratio of the multiplicity and diameter of the lens. With a more wide viewing angle (field of view) rather compact binoculars are great for watching sports events. To hunt the most successful option is to buy binoculars with a slight increase, as they provide a larger viewing angle. Multiplicity of 8 to 12 and the lens diameter of 30 mm to 50 mm. For fishermen optimal model with the degree of increase up to 20 times and the lens diameter of 40 mm. All of these models of course have to be rubber, that is moisture-proof.

Best of all, if they are watertight. These models are totally sealed and perfectly protect the optics even, say, in case of heavy tropical rainfall. Such glasses can be immersed in water for depth of 1 meter for up to 5 minutes. They may also have a nitrogen content, making for extreme changes in temperature inside the lens of the binoculars are not misted. Travelers are suitable pair of binoculars with variable multiplicity of 8x up to 24x. Of course, a variable increase in matter affecting the quality of the image, but the version most versatile and can say, interesting.

For periodic monitoring of sporting events is quite suitable pocket binoculars such 8h25 or 16h25, because they apply to general plans, but not for examining the detailed, with good sunlight and a short time. Their main advantage – it is pocket size. Any of these Binoculars are very convenient to always keep on hand – in the glove box car or purse. These models also can advise tourists, climbers and tourists in the resorts, but in this case it is desirable to have binoculars with water resistance. The choice is yours, but in any case, remember that the use of binoculars should not be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, because when observed in a few hours anyone, even a small defect can cause fatigue and stimulation, significantly reducing efficiency. And do not forget about safety!

Highest Store

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

In such situations it is important not to be afraid of the camera, to behave naturally, and even better, if possible, ask the photographer that he is not attracted attention, but simply doing his job. Then the photographs are more successful, and "life" in them is much greater. Perhaps with one picture, remove accumulated over a long time the stress will not succeed. In this If you can enter in the habit of regularly arrange various photo shoots his beloved and something like fototreningov. I will cite some examples to make it clear what is at stake. You can find the highest roof, and photograph the view from the top or herself against the backdrop of the city. You can go to an ordinary store: building, furniture, toys, perfume, accessories shop, or electronics and home appliances and a host of other options on anyone's had enough imagination, and there with absolutely all the names. Of course, it must first be prepared, wear suitable (for example, before entering the building store, put on a "working" clothes, preferably clean, the store children's toys come in better clothes, not normal for your age and so on).

In addition, you must pre-select best word to efficiently and qualitatively to act for the sellers and to persuade them to give their consent to this event. At first glance – it's not that simple. But it is only at first sight! It is worth to try once, and no longer be able to stay, because acts as a narcotic, with each portion like more and more. Let the part will look stupid and foolish, uncomprehending people will point fingers and twist them at the temple. Maybe that's not all "given".

Such can make only the most liberated and confident people who are ready for extreme sensations and adventures. The sea of adrenaline, positive emotions and experiences they provided for a long time. What kind of whatever stress they can remember forever. Others can only wish pleasant listening sounds of water and observing how the fire burns and the others work. In any case, all successful pictures and freeze!

Learned Photography

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Knowledge in the art can be a lot of pictures where, but most courses will be paid and quite expensive. They are certainly worth it, but I want to invite you to take the free online course photography, where you will learn the theory, will be held practice, and each photograph will appreciate your professional and give photography tips. Also on site you will find many additional and interesting material. And if you're already an experienced photographer, you can write an article on our website and publish it, and perhaps pouchastvuete in discussing photographs of Free Photo courses and help them to correct mistakes made during filming. The main thrust of the site and Photo courses is not on the technical part of the picture, namely, the artistry, composition and vision in photography. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Thiel, another great source of information. Down with all the prejudices about the clever cameras – photo does not the camera, and photographer. After the course, you can create wonderful images, whatever the camera is not turned in your hands (for 10 dollars or 10000). Separately, in the course will also be touched upon processing photos that can and should change in the photos on your computer and that would be overkill. How to find a thin face in processing, printing is not quite perfect shot to the next level, but that no one can say that over the images worked in a graphics editor. All this and more can be found on our website. We will be happy see you, see the link in a note.