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Gorka Otxoa Television

Friday, December 30th, 2016

The radio and television festival is one of the most important in Spain. He inaugurated a section which will be screened formats which have recorded a pilot program but that still does not have been purchased by any chain. Radio and Television of Vitoria Festival inaugurates this year a new section which will present projects of programs and series that have already made their numbers zero, but that still does not have been hired by a television network. Producers such as El Terrat, K2000, Mediapro or Petra Garmon as well as Carlos Sobera television professionals will participate in this new section called pilots, which will be announced the ten proposals selected by the Organization of the FesTVal. In a question-answer forum Naveen Selvadurai was the first to reply. The festival opens its doors on August 30, and the first screening will take place the next day 31 when David Ortega will present a crazy House, a series directed by Juan Ramon Bonet and Ana Otero which narrates the disparate experiences of patients and therapists of a centre of rehabilitation of obsessive behavior compulsive, as reported today in a statement the organizers of the contest. That same day, the producer ZZJ displays his two works: someone looks at us, a program about Paranormal phenomena and amazing videos, with sightings of UFOs and possible ghosts; and does last appointment? a new format reality in which a couple in separation process envisions a documentary about their relationship. On Thursday, September 1 Carlos Sobera will announce a new contest, common denominator, where what matters are not knowledge but quickly finding the connection between characters, places and objects. Also day 1 the Catalan producer Aproptv be screened his comedy of a series of superhero fiction, in which the four protagonists, in his eagerness to become authentic justicieros, they steal an accessory store for superheroes in Barcelona and patrol the city waiting to find an opportunity to impart justice.

The day will close with a series of humor and suspense room 13 of the producer Petra Garmon, on very cheap room but that is always free so it happens; and with the program this is another story, that parodies the sinking of the Titanic, the death of Julio Cesar, the tree of Gernika or the construction of the pyramids. September 2 this section closes with two original K2000 betting: 5 waves, 5 continents, dedicated to surfing, and starring by Eneko Acero who, camera in hand, captures the essence of this sport; and what happens to me Julian, a comedy starring Gorka Otxoa and Mauro Muniz. In addition, that same day El Langui (Juan Manuel Montilla), known rapper and a Goya winner for his work on the film the trick of the manco, presented a television project based on his radio Taraska program. The singer, wrapped in this project by the producer El Terrat, will attend the capital of Alava next Jose Corbacho to present this show whose pilot program involves characters such as David Bustamante, Emilio BUTRAGUEnO or Gabino Diego. Source of the news: new television formats seeking owner in the FesTVal

National Association

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

These figures are due to the rise in the price of tickets and the extra amount that you pay for the 3-d format. The number of tickets sold rose by 1% compared to the summer of 2010. Despite the current weak economy, cinema remains the first and more affordable option of entertainment outside the home, according to Fithian. The American box-office this summer broke a new record enter $ (3,126 million euro) 4.4 billion, thus announced Thursday the National Association of U.S. movie theaters owners. The number of tickets sold rose by 1% compared to the summer of 2010. By fifth consecutive summer barrier of $ 4 billion, exceeded the entity explained.

Thus, this summer has sold 546 million entries. To collect this information took into account the revenues obtained by the films released between the first weekend in May until the past weekend holiday of labour day. These figures are due to the rise in the price of inputs and a the extra amount that is paid by the 3D format, but not to the number of people who come to the cinemas, which in the summer of 2010 reached its worst figure since 1997 after a fall continued during the past three years. In full with a weak economy and 9% unemployment rate, worth noting that the film industry can continue to grow their revenues, said the President of the Organization, John Fithian. Together with our partners in distribution, cinemas offer a great entertainment in modern facilities and at reasonable prices, he added. Fithian noted that regardless of the strength or weakness of the economy of the country, cinema remains the first and more affordable option of entertainment outside the home.

Given that there are up to 13 movies in 3D, more than ever, and a series of releases of the most powerful in years, I believe that the record of the past year, will exceed predicted in may Paul Dergarabedian, President of Box Office section of the portal specialized,, in statements to. The figure obtained in the summer of 2010 was 4,350 million dollars (3090 million euros). That mark broke the previous record, achieved in 2009 and which amounted to 4,250 million. Source of the news: Hollywood again beat record of fund-raising in summer, despite the crisis