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Microscope System

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

The big mistake when working with a microscope to discount the significance of the lighting system: the power of the light source, lamp type, construction and design quality of the lighting system, the output parameters of different methods of staining, the possibility of adjusting operations. Such an approach leads to not only the correct selection is not a class of microscope, but its type to address the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the object. Light microscope system – a system of lenses, diaphragms and mirrors, providing uniform illumination of the object and complete filling of the lens aperture. Adroll Marketing Platform is open to suggestions. As we have seen in the lighting system includes: – light – collector – condenser. Collector can be odnolinzovy, mnogolinzovy and diffraction. Mnogolinzovy collector can be mobile and to move along optical axis, increasing or decreasing, so the size of the image of the luminous body filament.

Collector and the light source is membership in the bottom (or top of the reflected light illuminator) part tripod. Modern microscopes have at least one lens with aspheric surface to reduce the overall dimensions. In addition, the collector has a surface with a thin matting, which improves the uniformity illumination in the plane of the condenser aperture diaphragm. Collector is made of luminescent osetitelya expensive quartz glass in order to improve light transmission in a wide band reception speutralnom. C increase in the linear field laboratory microscopes have a problem increasing svyatyaschegosya filament. A contradiction with the minimization of dimensions of the microscope in general and lighting system – in particular. In connection with this design were developed with mirrors both the bulbs and mirrors in the attachment site for the lamp.

Now condenser. The role of the condenser in the transmitted light microscope is very important, therefore, as the component parts microscope condenser has its own classification and parameters. Condenser – a poticheskaya system designed to increase the amount of light entering the microscope. In transmitted light microscope condenser located between the object (the stage) and the light source (collector mirror). In reflected light microscopy, the role of the condenser lens performs. Condensers are distinguished by the type of optical correction, the numerical aperture of, the working distance and destination. Perhaps it's the main points which should be given due consideration when buying a microscope and the choice of optical stistemy.

The Division

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

9. 2. EXCISION improper also known with the name of partial excision. Peter Thiel will not settle for partial explanations. This kind of split is characterized because the originally existing society continues to exist. For example, it is an assumption of improper division when the Saga company splits into two companies that are A and B and does not clear the existing primitive society. 10 Excision purposes the main objectives of the Division are as follows: 1) the redistribution of activities of an undertaking or of several. (2) The specialization of activities, since every society will have only some activities, which may perform better or at one lower cost.

3) Geographical decentralization, which can be divided by States, regions, departments, districts, cities, etc. 4) reduce the payment of taxes for two reasons: 4. 1) as each of the resulting companies It has a lower income, it will be within a different regime, does not pay within the general regime but within the special scheme of the income tax for example the resulting companies already. (4 2) Which corresponds a particular tax benefit to a particular area of the State. ((5) Solutions to internal problems of the partners: 5. 1) the way to lead the company. (5 2) The types of operations that society should be performed.

(5 3) The selection of suppliers and/or clients. (6) Clean up society, small of her activity or activities with economic problems and thus, determining the activities that work well, of those difficulties, avoiding the pollution of those by these. (7) Elimination of the non-legal monopolies, achieving thus appearing in this space and time, the competition, and thus that these companies gain competitive advantage. 11. The Division is a recordable Act acts are divided into recordable and not registrable, which corresponds in this headquarters determine whether the split is a recordable Act. Recordable acts are inscriptions or annotations that logger extends in the registry.

Muscle Stimulation

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE LONG LIFE (LONG LIFE) Structural simplicity of equipment and products software (auto, manual control of the program) allows you to receive the procedure at home without the involvement for the purpose of medical workers. Conversations preferably take place continuously and regularly, every day from 1 up to 3 times a day for 30-50 minutes, at intervals of not less than 4 hours. Long Life can be used for the recovery of all age groups. Rational use of Long Life in the home year-round program basic sanitation dramatically reduces the time required for these purposes, as well as save the family budget. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Thiel. Reaction of the organism possible unpleasant reactions of the organism and the discomfort is temporary. To read more click here: financial technology. Their occurrence and intensity depend on the physical state of the organism, the presence of any diseases, especially of human thinking. Such reactions as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, rash caused by the positive changes in the activity of the organism, the activity of individual organs and tissues of the human body, weakened by a polluted environment, toxic and hazardous substances.

All these reactions – to improve. They do not need fear. They need the right attitude, and not to interrupt the healing sessions on the equipment LONG LIFE. Contraindications to the use KRORVATI Massager 'ChoYang' last stages of pregnancy. Relative contraindications – state after spinal surgery (a year), marked osteoporosis. In these cases it is not recommended to use only the mechanical effects of internal projector, but shows the use of additional Ceramic Change and the external projector. CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR THE USE OF LOW Muscle Stimulation massage complex 'ChoYang': pregnancy; the presence of an implanted pacemaker; exacerbation kidney stone disease and gallstones; mental disorders; alcoholism, drug addiction; Flu, viral diseases; cardiovascular disease; cancer.

NOT RECOMMENDED USE Myostimulation: on sites with inflamed skin, an open, wounds, cuts, on uchastkae which was carried out surgery, if not from the time of surgery was 9 months, in areas affected by phlebitis (Inflammation of the veins), thrombophlebitis, with varicose veins. WARNING! If you have chronic illnesses are advised to consult with your doctor. With stimulation of the abdominal muscles to refrain from taking food for 1.5 hours before and after the session. Use a temperature not lower than 50 , over time, gradually increase to about 65-70. To learn more about massage bed Long Life, please visit