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Technological Help

Friday, August 30th, 2019

I try to get someone to explain to me as an air conditioner or heater, whatever the case, for example, is a technological breakthrough and “improving our quality of life” part of the following: the air conditioner or heater are approximately apparatus for an area and alleviate or adapt the low and / or high temperatures caused by ecological disaster of the environment, no doubt, are some technological advances but mean better quality of life or reach that is far from being a reality.

Every time someone wants to call attention to international talks about the third world war because of water or over water, your run short, is becoming more dry rivers in the world and increasingly there are more cities where water scarce, if it is possible that war, obviously, if known to be scarce and that this contingency will remain Why? There is something really effective to stop the drought of the rivers and provide the vital liquid to those who need it, of course! The costs, it is true, it seems best to keep humanity under the cloak of war to find solutions. It has been proven over and over that sewage, domestic, can be treated scientifically, and can be reused industrial water can be equally treated and reused, with different uses each, by, have a measure..