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Dreams And The Psyche

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Probably many of you agree with the opinion that the dream of every person. The dream – is the tool that helps to cope with emerging challenges, save us from depression and despair, when it's black band in my life. But to achieve the goal of a desire is not enough. It is important that people be clear about what he wants to get in the end, speaking the language of science, visualize your goal. Collage of dreams, or in another board visualization – a special painting of you in the desired reality. Creating a collage of dreams, you not only represent their own desires, but also concretize goals, make them more meaningful and decorated. Our psyche is arranged in a special way, and just realized something, we begin to move toward the goal.

Unconscious actions, as a rule, do not give any result. In order to prepare a collage of dreams, you can arm and flipcharts scissors and glue the pictures manually. But in a world of modern digital technologies, there is much more easy and effective solution to this problem. You can make a collage of dreams right from your computer, using specialized software. For example, the software Photo Collage by AMS Software – is a versatile tool for creating collages variety of styles. Make a collage of the editor is very simple. First and foremost, you need to pick up pictures that will reflect your desires. Once the reservation that the traditional version of the collage imply its division into several areas: wealth, fame, love, family, health, kids, knowledge, career.

These zones Bagua is a type of character in the teachings of Feng Shui. In the center is to be your personal photo. Try to pick a shot where you are happy and healthy. Desires must be sincere and positive. Placing photos by zones, do not forget to support them with positive affirmations. That special approval in the form of actions. For example, if the sector wealth you have is an expensive car or a picture mansion, you can back them up with the phrase 'I am rich', that is necessarily in the form of the present time. Place your collage in a prominent place so you can always look at it. The best option – a bedroom. You will be able see it every night before bed, on the other hand, it will be hidden from outsiders. Remember that you have made a collage dreams should trigger positive emotions. Creating a collage of their desires, do not expect that desire will performed the next day. Collage of dreams – it's just an auxiliary tool to help achieve the goal, but to live, decide, think, act to you, and only depends on you how much you will be effective in their actions.