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Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

If the base of all science is the tests, can prove our teses and theories using the conceptions of the researchers that had come before us. In scientific History, we use the historical sources and the method of analysis of the sources for alone later constructing the historiogrfico text. Others including Mike Tomlin, offer their opinions as well. The historians cannot test a human fact of the past or the gift, but he can analyze it and interpret it through the Method of History. The great intellectuals of century XIX and XX such as: Albert Einstein that received Nobel de Fsica in 1921, for developing the theory of relativity. Karl founding Marx of the Communist doctrine, as thinking he influenced some areas as the Philosophy, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Science Politics, etc. In a research of radio BBC of London in 2005, was elect the biggest philosopher of all the times.

Max Weber, considered one of the founders of Sociology. mile Durkheim, founder of the French school of sociology, known with one of the best theoreticians of the concept of social cohesion. Nelson Mandela, Stive Biko, Jonh Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Jonh Lennon, Adolf Hitler had made history and among others changed the world. To lower a list of names would need some kilometers of paper. All these men had acted in the most varied areas and had influenced generations per decades until today continue and to influence. They had been men who with its action in the time, had left a legacy for the present generation and for the others that still they turn.

A legacy that can be used by the diverse ones areas following some rules and norms to become science. However it may be, sciences human beings not forehead in a laboratory the happened human fact as it occurs in other areas, but if uses of methods that can prove what they speak. The methodology used for history has shown that with the advance of the science of the technology that does not stop to surprise at the new discoveries, that History is a science human being.

Latin America

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

We can notice in the text that the history of other peoples was last through the controllers, that they told in its trip as it was the culture of other peoples. The text cites the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha here, showing the stories of it on the joined indians in Latin America, placing such as wild peoples and without culture, that practised anthropophagy, where did not have a social organization between them. However not only Pero Vaz that goes to make this comment, plus other authors also goes to make this judgment of the aboriginal society. With passing of the time it goes to change this vision on the indian, being taken off the idea of that they they practised the anthropophagy, affirming the existence of the culture, a social organization; that only different of the European culture, therefore in that one time the civilization model was of the Europe. Vanhagem author comes to argue this idea of creation of the idealized nation, therefore for it who constitutes a nation is the free men, of the race white, who act more as a citizen, taking off the black of this constitution of nation.

Therefore the slavery for it was one ‘ ‘ error histrico’ ‘ , the black does not have this capacity to form a nation. With this we see that the ideal of nation for it is that fact for whites, that fight for something in the society, as the dutches who banish the Portuguese from its lands, showing that they are fighting for its society, for a nation. In the dawn of the studies we notice that in didactic books the blacks and the indians are placed as barbarous, without culture.But with the settling the colonizadores had helped these peoples to have a culture; introducing the religion catholic, therefore they cultuavam others deuses, other religions that were disrespected by the Europeans..