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Specific Micronutrient Therapy

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

A micro-nutrient study shows exactly what nutrients are missing the immune system now is the time in which flu make life difficult many: windy, wet weather and overheated rooms encourage the emergence of colds, especially if the immune system is weakened. The initial symptoms include chills and scratchy throat later evolved then often a painful sore throat, a runny nose or a cough, often accompanied by headache, body aches and fever. The colds are among the most common infectious diseases at all. The viruses that cause the flu-like infections, transmitted by droplet infection. But not everyone who comes with the virus into contact, must be sick.

Perhaps it has already developed an immunity to this virus variant, or the viral dose is too low to trigger the corresponding symptoms. Also, a healthy immune system can protect against infections. Hillary Clinton may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To the immune system to strengthen, a good supply of all micronutrients relevant to the immune system is an indispensable requirement. The micro-nutrients include not only certain vitamins such as vitamin C, D or E, and trace elements such as zinc or selenium, but also a whole range of amino acids. The immune system is the organ system with a high cell and protein turnover. Therefore, a good supply of amino acids is essential for the immune competence.

Arginine is the parent compound for the formation of signal gas nitric oxide, which plays an essential role in the fight against pathogens. Cysteine is an important sulfur-containing amino acid, which regulates the Redoxstatus of immune cells. The amino acid cysteine is also needed for the Glutathionbildung. Glutamine is a main energy substrate of immune cells. Glutamine influenced various immune functions such as the formation of antibodies, the synthesis of neurotransmitters of the immune system, the proliferation of lymphocytes u.v.m. glycine has anti-inflammatory properties and is used for the formation required by so called Hamoproteinen. These proteins are essential for an adequate immune competence. The branched-chain amino acids Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine are important regulators of protein synthesis and can stimulate the formation of antibodies and messengers of the immune system. Lysine can be infections with herpes viruses from benefits. Threonine is indispensable for the intestinal immune system. Moreover have many features significant more amino acids for the immune competence. Always a detailed blood analysis is required for the implementation of an effective therapy with micro-nutrients. In particular amino acids should not be used without prior laboratory analysis, because an untargeted supplementation can cause an amino acid imbalance with the risk for corresponding metabolic disorders. The Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH examines not only the amino acids in the blood, but also all micro-nutrients relevant to the immune system. Based on the laboratory analysis is a Findings report with an exact treatment recommendation. Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis GmbH more info under: Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH lion stone Rt 9 97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel. 0049 / (0) 9394 / 9703-0 E-Mail:


Monday, November 24th, 2014

The treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder in psychological practice to check to see if the door is locked or any body contact hands wash, belong to the psyche to typical symptoms of forcibly disrupted disease ten times in succession. So-called obsessive-compulsive disorder are regarded as recognized diseases with each different character. So even asked questions with regard to the control of a certain situation can include as well an obsessive compulsive disorder also repetitive behaviors. The difference between an everyday action and a diseased action this ultimately in the forced suppression of the plot seems impossible for person concerned? The compulsive behavior can spread as far as on the everyday Habitat, a self-directed behavior no longer enough for the satisfaction of basic needs. Typical symptoms people suffering from obsessive, first feel a compulsion to perform a certain action, although you will understand, that the each action with no sense could be.

Still, the action is performed and this often in exaggerated dimension. It is striking in such compulsions that they expire according to certain rules. Such routine recordings are made, for example, in the control of stove. Here the ill not only looks, whether from the hot plates are, but he felt it also by he passes over the stove. A mistake in the intrinsically set routine of ill performs again the action from the outset. The coercion cannot be performed anxiety, tension or uncertainty also occur in the individual. The professional treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder by psychological practice is indispensable to help sufferers from their forced out. Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, the causes of their behavior are just as wide ranging as the human character.

Scientists were unable to agree today on no single reason for the disease. But one assumes that traumatic events or fateful resumes that can certainly increase affinity to a compulsive behavior. As well, some researchers argue that there is a connection between disease, psychological factors and hereditary conditions. Also a form of processing various experiences can represent therefore for those affected by the practice of psychological treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and the search of the reasons for the current state. Success through psychological practice visit a practice with a focus on psychotherapy or behavioral therapy is often the first step in a forced-free future for those affected. Here trained specialists with different methods and exercises out accompany the person concerned from his compulsive behavior. In addition to an analysis of the causes also practice a new behavior techniques practiced: so the patient, for example, a Waschzwang should learn to endure the State of dirty hands. Accompanied by experienced experts, talks are held at the same time and the situation together with the patient analyzed. The reflection and simultaneous practice of new reactions and behaviors in a State controlled by coercion to help free the patient in the long term to an independent life constraints. Heal on multiple levels compulsive addition to a behavior therapy in the successful treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder increasingly on antidepressants back used. New medicines and improvements in this area could experience a positive response in recent years and are often offered in accompaniment to a behavioral therapy or psychotherapy. Ensure ultimately that the neurotransmitter, the so-called brain neurotransmitters, are stimulated again, to give the necessary signals between nerve cells. Ultimately, drugs can accompany the recovery course and are prescribed by the psychological practice with appropriate personnel.

Summer Time Pregnancy Enjoy

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

How can you enjoy the summer despite a pregnancy and related pregnancy belly? u0085can you not really enjoy with the baby bump? Then they’re like many pregnant women. Swollen legs and feet, a weak circulation and the burden of the extra weight can ruin ever the joys of summer one. The problem on the summer thing is that expand the vessels due to the heat and the effects of already low blood pressure are reinforced. This can often lead to fainting spells. For more specific information, check out Peter Thiel. At the same time, the blood can not properly circulate through low blood pressure and dilated vessels. It remains so in the legs and this swell. In addition, that the baby grows pushes diaphragm and lungs together. The respiration becomes flatter and faster, which can lead to dizziness and even hyperventilation.

The summer maybe still to enjoy, here are a few tips: drink! Of course Here the speech of herbal teas, mineral water and juice spritzers. Up to four liters should be consumed on the day, so the electrolyte balance is secured. The body with not enough fluid is supplied, risking a circulatory collapse. This is reflected for example by signs such as weakness, muscle cramps, disorders of consciousness and/or headache. The drinks should be however not iced (which also is so seductive), since the temperature balance in the body would cost unnecessarily much energy. Whether is your fluid balance in order, you can see by the way the color of urine: it should always light yellow transparent be. Already approaching the end of her pregnancy, you should not prefer mint tea, because it can inhibit milk production.

It is small, light meals often pleasant to eat several small snacks throughout the day, to beat the belly than three large meals. Access to fresh produce and avoid You heavy, greasy food. Even if you have no appetite right in high temperatures, please watch for an adequate nutrient supply!

Mouth Materials

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Board of Trustees perfect dentures (KpZ): risk increases with the number of used materials modern dentistry and dentistry offer many different options adhesives, cements, impression materials, plastics, and ceramics to amalgam, gold, titanium and alloys (mixes of different metals). It happens that a patient has up to twenty different materials in the mouth. This increases the risk of allergic reaction”, says Professor Jurgen Geis Gallob, belonging to the Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ Lauer. The expert for dental materials leads the section medical materials science and technology at the Center for dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery of the Eberhard Karls University in Tubingen. My nickel allergy has become much worse. This is due to the Metallsteckverbindungen of my new dentures may? “, asked a patient recently.

Nickel actually has a high allergenic power, many people respond to them. Soft: The treating dentist is on such issues an important partner. He can also provide, what materials were used in what percentage of the alloy.” Important: Information about the materials used keep people with allergies should contact their dentist before a therapy on critical materials or medicines in knowledge. Dentures remain, years and even decades in the mouth the experts of the KpZ also advise well pick up information about the dentures. The materials used are listed in the so-called Declaration of conformity. Dentists are obliged, handing them their patients in a supply of Dental restorations at the end of the treatment.

The dentist can understand then following dental work, what materials are already used”, explains Geis Gallob. He recommends to openly discuss the subject materials before a therapy with the dentist. Tips around Dental restorations and allergies burning sensation in the mouth: if it seems to burn on the palate, experts call this Glossodynia or the burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Five Percent of Germans are aware of the problem, doctors will appreciate. Background can be also an allergy to dental materials, food products, toothpaste or mouthwash. Ceramic is very well tolerated. All-ceramics looks deceptively similar to natural tooth enamel and is regarded as particularly bio compatible. Allergies to the body-friendly material are not known. Ceramics can be used as a full Crown, inlay, onlay/Teilkrone or for bridges even implants are possible. Declaration of conformity provides patient information and security. Declaration of conformity a tongue-twister, which makes life easier: details of the dental materials used are listed in this document. That is particularly important, for example, when later once more supplies from metallic materials are: alloys (mixes of different metals) can be electro-chemically different. Is a mix of metal produced in the mouth”, there may be incompatibilities. With the Declaration of conformity can Plan optimal care patients, dentists and dental laboratory.

Quark Pretty

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

without that get pollen in the living room. In this way, the natural habitat in your own four walls is a cozy and relaxing OASIS. Relieve itch without scratching: an almost unbearable itching can be triggered for skin diseases and allergies. There, you would often scratch until blood flows. But this is the absolutely wrong way. Indeed, a vicious circle. Because stimuli to the skin are triggered by the scratching that lead to new itching. It scratches so increasingly and what stays behind is bleeding, weeping and now aching wound.

Simple remedies, which are to be found also in every good household can remedy here fast and healthy. Here are just a few examples: Lemon just cut in half and rub the itchy places with the cut surface. Potatoes raw potatoes into slices cut on the skin can be set, fix it with a cloth and soak in a good half hour. Vinegar give a tablespoon of vinegar to one liter of water and apply the whole thing by daily envelopes. Quark Pretty evenly spread a cloth with cool Quark and thus cover the affected area. Strong nursing skin, it can be really expensive because most helpful products are not recognized by the health insurance companies as a necessary tool. The often required oil baths and moisturising creams and ointments covered by the term Pflegmittel. Only the action of a Neurodermitikerin was rejected in March 2012.

“The judge decided that particularly affected persons” such products themselves will have to pay. But ill can significantly reduce the symptoms of their disease through the right behaviors. Who is ready to change his diet, should make sure particularly that it contains many micronutrients. The appearance of the skin can be significantly improved if specific vitamins, minerals, trace elements and certain plant compounds are added to the body. Thereby, the vitamin C plays an important role.


Monday, November 17th, 2014

The chemotherapy has many side effects and destroyed the immune systems of cancer is one of the worst diagnoses that a human being can get. This cancer must not necessarily lead to death. There are many types of cancer, some spread quickly, others can be fought measures through therapy and eradicated. Periodically check with the doctor remains the safest way to cure cancer. Because early detection provides healing. Chemotherapy as a healing modality with chemotherapy called also cytostatics (cancer therapy), it is a measure that will selectively kill cancer cells or stop the growth.

It uses a given substance administered depending on the type of cancer and progress, the patient. This fabric has a damaging effect, but he Yes also selectively destroy cancer. Side effects hair loss, nail damage and mucous membrane problems white blood cells might formed back and this immune system adversely anemia, anemia acute fatigue Listlessness nausea depending on the patient’s condition can occur the above mentioned side effects, need to but not be equal in each. Because also the cytostatic mixture is variable, depending on the type of cancer, a therapy takes longer or shorter. Is aggressive or mild. Usually the side effects resolve themselves after chemotherapy. Because the substance is excreted through the intestines. Rarely, complications arise yet.

Late complications secondary tumor nerve damage tactile and touch sense impaired fine motor skills works no longer balance problems, brain damage concentration impairment of the mind as already mentioned, every patient is different, stronger, insulting the immune system he chemotherapy is much easier than a patient who is very weak. During the therapy, everything is taken into account, the doctors follow in between or in hindsight more measures to destroy the cancer, or to strengthen the body. More cures of cancer thymus therapy this therapy is still Success showed controversial, but studies in breast and colorectal cancer, already. The purpose of the thymus therapy is to strengthen the immune system, thus increasing the quality of life and to prevent a relapse. Also, it should extend the life cancer patients. To an injection administered several times a week the patients, total 20 injections should be there. To refresh these moves one or two injections to a month later. This depends on the success. A thymus therapy can significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. More information about the Thymust provides therapy and biological therapy of cancer the page to get bottom line who wants to be sure the correct therapy should are advised at the doctor or experienced practitioner for the respective treatments. To obtain the best solution in retrospect. Biological cancer therapies in cancer should be definitely considered.

Berlin Senate Department

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Each of the characters story an individual where he or she visitors and visitors faced with the risk of sexually transmitted infections. The exhibition the BZgA has great freedom – liebe.lust.leben.”as a central element of their successful campaign’s join – knowledge & condom” developed. Under the umbrella of the national overall campaign AIDS give no CHANCE the BZgA combined measures, which are targeted at different groups of the population. Successful prevention is based on empathy,”people who live in Germany, have in an open society the freedom to live a self-determined sexuality”, says Prof. Continue to learn more with: Peter Thiel. Dr. Visit Peter Thiel for more clarity on the issue. Elisabeth Pott, Director of the BZgA.

Freedom means to take responsibility for themselves and others. This includes protection against HIV and because with STI every sexually active person can infect other STI, himself. The new exhibition is an evolution of HIV and STI prevention approaches in national forest campaign of the BZgA, which picks up new Visual and communication habits.” The sensitive exhibition encouraged to deal with instead of embarrassed to turn away with the topic. It shows how they can protect themselves from HIV and other STI. “Whether male or female, teens or 40s, hetero – or homosexual, infected or not: In the Centre of the great freedom – liebe.lust.leben.” are fictitious people who want their love, their desire to live without compromising their or their partner’s health. Departments involved in the locations cooperatively in exhibition operations, by actively bringing up their advisory services.

With the exhibition, the BZgA goes on tour all year round nationwide. This year, it makes station next to Berlin in eight other German large cities. Next venue of great freedom- Liebe.lust.Leben.”is Dresden, Erfurt, Schwerin, Hannover, Kiel, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt followed. For 2014, including Munich and Stuttgart are on the tour schedule. Information offers great freedom – liebe.lust.leben. “: information about the exhibition at information on HIV/AIDS and STI, numbers/data/facts on HIV/AIDS and STI press/data and facts / photo opportunities for the opening of the exhibition are today from 15:00 available under press/press emotive / give AIDS no chance of currently Newsletter No. 1 / 2013 for the new exhibition, press/publications/cooperation partners Berlin”: In the locations of the mobile exhibition rising on tour all year round nationwide GROssE FREIHEIT – liebe.lust.leben.”departments to participate cooperatively in exhibition operations, by actively bringing up their advisory services.