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The Planetary

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Experts in education with insights that are themselves renewed its relationship with students to foster a culture of research. In the context of quality is a priority that the University has a policy of r + d (research and development) commensurate with their competencies and objectives that allow you in the short and medium term to build a research capacity. 5. The combination of science and technology for national and economic growth of the country urged a consistent platform for professionals and technicians. The planetary request for professionals of eminence prevails 6.

Promote the creation of a Colombian scientific community the obstacle this where prospects show to 2016 produced only 1253 professionals with doctorate. That is 1.66% of the own pedagogues will possess that training horizon. 7. Forging the doctoral Constitution as an urgent strategic doctrine to assert the effectiveness in the creation of a scientific community is forced to expand the offer of theses lines to expand the numbers of doctors. Final considerations: this article is not intended to close the subject of the teaching in Colombia this bound to a strategy of progress; deal with it fully, much less define it or delimit its theme, quite the contrary I intend to open the debate from different shores of persecution; analysis and study and that flourish thousand thoughts to new generating possibilities, achieve an Act involve all social sectors in the discussion that builds thinking and reflection really. It is pertinent to ask a question here: can be the Colombian people and particularly the academic community. Do establish a non-sectarian dialogue to improve the paper than do University in relevance with the education?