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Jewelry For The Bride

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

The day of the completion of the wedding ceremony, the bride wants to look in the best way, before which, one of the best resources that you can use to enhance the beauty of the future wife, is to make use of jewelry for the bride, elements with which all eyes will be on the bride, thanks to the exaltation of its beauty through the jewelry for the bride. Jewelry for the bride to be used the day of the wedding, should be a sample of discretion and elegance, since these components will be a mere complement to the image of the dress, i.e. to accompany the dress to make it more beautiful, creating a picture beautiful and without excesses, in such a way, in no case jewelry for the bride by their size or any other factor must detract you from the dress. Among the elements that should be part of jewelry for the bride, earrings, pendant or any stand out Choker, prioritizing sobriety at all times and never reaching the extravagance or exaggeration. More explicit with regard to jewelry for the bride, the elements and their conditions, will be conditioned to a large extent by the same characteristics of the dress that the bride will use on the day of the ceremony, such form must analyze points of dress such as if this will be cleavage or not, the same color, though generally handled white color, so it will not be a point that suppose a problem. Apart from the conditions of the dress, also should be into account type of jewelry for the bride as the hairstyle that will look at the ceremony, i.e. If the hairstyle presents a loose style or if on the contrary the style is picked up. Also must be in jewelry for the bride some aspects of the image of the bride, such as his face, their color of skin and even its personality.

Returning to the point of jewelry for the bride according to dress that used, if it shows cleavage, most appropriate it is to use a pendant that does not clash with the size, if it has no cleavage or is very small, the best thing is not to use pendants or chokers and earrings should only used. If the hairstyle is picked up and have a dress with neckline, use of a jewelry store can be composed of a few earring bridal and a Choker cuts; where the hair is loose, the earrings should be more small and the Choker mas grande, all this with the idea of highlighting certain traits and does not clash with the image of the dress. Where it is a dress of any colour that deviate from the basic white, you can make use of jewelry yellow gold Bridal, however more appropriate in any case, is it make use of jewelry for wedding white gold and in no case do a mixture of both versions.