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Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

The objective of this work was to study different dosages of the Biotech applied in the ground and its effect in the growth of the lettuce crespa. 4. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION As FILGUEIRA (2007) and also published in the site (10/09/2009, to the 12:00 hours), sativa the Lactuca lettuce, belongs to the order of the Magnoliopsidas, the Asteraceae family and originated from wild species, still currently found in regions of climate tempered in the south of the Europe and Asia occidental person. One is about a plant annual, herbaceous, delicate, with caule miniature, which if arrests leves. Its leves had been modified and increased gradually through the centuries, constituting today the hortalia most popular for consumption as salada. Further details can be found at Mickey Hart, an internet resource.

Also it constitutes an excellent vitamin source, possessing appreciable amount of the vitamins B1 and B2, and still, certain portion of vitamin C, beyond the elements calcium and iron. For the raw fact of being consumed, the plant conserves all its nutritional properties and of pleasant palate, she is advised in the diets of low calories, had to its small energy value. The Asteraceae species extract of the ground and export in its marketable parts bigger amounts of nutrients for hectare, in relation to the other cultures. This occurs in reason of its peculiar requirements e, mainly, of its bigger capacity of production. It does not have practical utility with respect to determination of the fertilization, in consideration the amount of extracted nutrients of the ground or those exported by the cultures. It occurs that the amounts vary very widely, influenced for a series of factors: to cultivate, ground, climate, cycle of the culture, water availability, among others. (FILGUEIRA, 2007). The hortalias, in general, need certain elements that are called constituent essentials (carbon, oxygen and hydrogen), of others known as macronutrient and the micronutrients. The essential elements the plant removes of air and of the water, the too much elements are removed of the ground.