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Annual Review Entomology

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

The coefficient for precipitap (mm) was -0,2759NS (not significant). MAIN CONCLUSIONS On the basis of the gotten experimental results and in the conditions of development of the present project, were possible to get the following main conclusions: ) The biggest occurrences of the arthropod Scymnus predator spp. they happen in the period of September the December and the lesser occurrences are in February and March. b) The pluviomtricas precipitations do not intervene with the population dynamic of Scymnus spp. c) The methodology that uses yellow adhesive traps pair face reveals adequate for capture and analysis of flying arthropods in the orchards of goiaba. GRATEFULNESS the authors command are thankful it of the Experimental Station of the So Paulo Agency of Technology of the Agronegcios, APT Center North, in Pindorama-SP, in the person of the Dr.