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November 20th, 2021 by Rosemary
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Everything at a glance with tailor-made apps for the new Windows 8 Windows apps in the style of ModernUI are the focus of the user experience in Windows 8. The ModernUI style apps have all the qualities, which give the user a consistent and elegant experience. Windows 8 is the latest version of the world’s most used operating system Windows from the market leader Microsoft. The Lise GmbH is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner. For their customers, the Lise GmbH Windows developed 8 apps in the ModernUI design style according to the following seven design guidelines: 1.

use the ModernUI theme style in the ModernUI design style pursued a clear and open layout that reduces distractions. It only relevant elements on the screen are presented – lines, boxes, and unnecessary graphic effects, such as blur and gradients are away. 2. Quickly and dynamically, 8 apps useful animations using Windows and are designed for the use of a touch screen. The controls integrated in Windows 8 be used, the standard features such as cross-wipe and pulling implement. 3. Simple docking and scale for their clients developed the Lise GmbH individual Windows 8 apps used on very different tablets and PCs that can have different screen resolutions and screen sizes.

An additional design for the various Visual States of an app allows the user who wants to run in parallel usually multiple actions, with Windows multiple apps at the same time, side by side to show 8. 4. Proper contracts using Windows 8 apps 8 are connected by “Treaties” with the Windows System. Important contracts that should be implemented in the customer app are about the release, the search or the file selection. 5. A good tile pays out the tile is the front door of an app. It lies on the home screen and is the extension of an app.

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