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Glamour Retouching

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

What is the modern professional, sometimes called the glamorous face touch-up? First and foremost, is the ability to make the treatment of a portrait retoucher unnoticed, but the man in the portrait to represent the maximum attractive! What man in the photo will look nice? The answer is simple: we subconsciously like a natural (without a hint of photoshop), handsome and healthy man! Our view is automatically marks three important points: smooth skin of a living, her health even color, and expressive, clear eyes. Let's start with the skin. At the present level of quality photographic equipment, it becomes visible microstructure: the smallest pores, wrinkles and hair on his face. All it adds a sense of liveliness and quality of the pictures, but it is a minus for retoucher: together with the real texture of curried many irregularities, defects and wrinkles, treat that no experience is not easy. Need a non-invasive sensations 'liveliness' retouch skin quality color correction and a trained eye. So many, in an attempt to retouch flaws and irregularities in the portrait, go for the obvious way – they start to gloss over the skin tools blur photoshop. Someone calls it a glamorous retouched. However, it is fundamentally wrong. Read more from incyte to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Professional retouchers never work with the tool and the blur does not automatically apply filters, because they kill bill. All Processing is conducted in the eye with a sense of proportion and attention to detail as well as general features the model's face in the portrait. Retouching is alternately at maximum zoom, where you can see minor defects, and the distance to adjust the light, dark and colored spots and inhomogeneities, which hamper integrally take volumes and lines on a flat photo. As for working with color entities: a cursory glance indistinguishable in everyday life the difference in skin color, because of technology features, clearly visible in the photographs. They arise from the circulation irregularities, as well as different reflections of light from the colored parts of clothing, and stain the skin in a heavy-output, unnatural shades. Correction in this case requires vision and border color transitions, and understanding the principles of working with color in Photoshop.

Experienced retoucher highlights on the face of all the spots of one color by hand, and then focusing on the numbers rgb channels, makes color correction. Work with a look usually comes down to the cleansing of the eyes from unnecessary veins and redness on the eyeball, the effect of enhancing makeup and density of eyelashes, as well as the saturation of the color of rainbow shell. For additional attraction of sight of observer to the eyes, you can make them more contrast, but should not abuse the color correction of proteins: overexposed, colorless eyeballs – it's obvious signs of retouching in Photoshop, they will cause the viewer. To finish retouching, and get accurate portrait of a beautiful person, we must move away from the fine detail and correct deficiencies in the overall artistic vision. Must assess what volumes and areas of the face to create a character a person's appearance, what it is worth emphasizing light and shadow, and which on the contrary, spratat in the shade or even a little push (tool liquify). If you do everything correctly, then final action to achieve the 'glamorous retouching' is stylized portrait using color correction – giving a bit unnatural, but interesting art shades separate light and dark photos.