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The Mind

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

They affirm the specialists in the substance that one has lain average normal has of 50.000 the 60,000 daily thoughts. But, for the most part of the time, you it is not conscientious of what it is passing in its mind. When it only wants to stop all these uncontrolled horses that are the thoughts, when only wants to leave to think about its fears or in its concerns it is that it reflects on this. Almost never it contemplates its mind to see what it is happening, or perhaps it does not make it because already it knows what it happens. Probably, it has fear.

Therefore the people have fear to be alone and look company during the twenty and four hours of the day; they want to meet with its friends, to go to some place or any another thing and if does not find to nobody, they will start to read the periodical or they will hear radio or summer the TV. Nobody wants to be alone, because how much is alone, starts to discover its true state. The state of the mind of the man is as a full creeps of insects: thoughts and more thoughts giving returns and returns. Encircled of these thoughts, the man lives full of anxiety, tension and concerns. To recognize and to know the life, the necessary mind to be in silence, as a lake without waves.

To make familiar itself to the life, the mind has that to be so clean as a mirror without dust. But the majority of the times the mind seems a beehive of bees: it is not a mirror nor a quiet lake. If you find that she can be capable to know something with a mind thus, if believe that she will be capable to arrive something or to become themselves into something, or to find its peace interior with one has lain thus, is deceived.

The Technician

Friday, December 28th, 2012

A contradiction appears, where good the technician opposes to support it the work of incapable or inferior individuals perpetual technical and that to get worse the scene, still they are having sufficient since the managemental point of view. This can be one of the reasons that make with that good professionals, without true Lost an excellent technician, an excellent professional and currently we do not count at least on an acceptable manager. It is not rare to hear this in good cases where technician assumes managemental functions and starts to give limped in the performance. It is not less certain that all the people not possess aptitudes to organize and to manage the proper work of itself, the more of the others. Many nor if interest in this source. That the fact to be distinguished in a branch, does not imply that is good in others, but this argument has been used> maliciously in many occasions to hinder the ascension them good professionals, only allowing a disordered horizontal growth and to continue collaborating with good controlling, or supporting all a gamma of bad professionals and chefinhos of all laia. To have one dom for certain things, is the desired one, but very it can learn itself from a solid base.

The good professionals, with studies, practical experiences, good will and contribution can arrive to get significant results in the activity of management. The social pressure for corporative ascension e, mainly, the personal pressure generated normally from this first one, takes the professionals to face inevitable the managemental positions as something, that it is part of the growth. However, the practical one in the sample that said reasoning is maken a mistake, since nor all possess managemental profile. Aiming at it never obtained to be distinguished professionally, but A certainty is that somebody has that to work and nor all we can be heads.