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Scythe Fans

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Among the technologies that are used in the manufacture of fans and that affect the level of noise are types of brackets that hold the axes of the rotors. Basically, these brackets They consist of plain bushings, bearings, or combinations of the two types. The bushes produce less noise than the bearings, but require a better lubrication and this alone can ensure with technologies like the Noctua SSO or the S-FLEX that uses Scythe on some models and that substantially more expensive end product. Sunon MagLev technology almost completely overrides the mechanical noise produced by the fan, so at low speeds of rotation, these fans are virtually silent. Models that produce a large volume of air (and that they rotate at high speeds), the shape design and the surface finish of the beaters influences significantly the noise level of the set. A last resort used to slightly increase the air flow produced by a fan without increasing your speed to not increase the noise level that produces is the increase of thickness of the fan Assembly from the usual 20 mm to 25 mm or more. The bearings have one life span much more than the caps, but the counterpart of the highest level of mechanical noise generated, so their employment recommended fans for servers that are situated in rooms where no import produced noise, while the caps would be more appropriate for computers intended for household or Office fans.

The range of flow rates (and therefore noise levels) fans currently marketed is very broad, exist within economic models silent fans and little flow as the Tacens Aura Pro, average flow and discrete noise as the Xilence Red Wing models and models of large flow and necessarily noisy from several manufacturers. As fans of hot air from the box, model termorregulados that increase the air flow that aspire when it increases the temperature of air from inside the box, reducing its rotational speed and the level of noise produced when it decreases the workload of the microprocessor or the ambient temperature can be used. Air filters are used to reduce dust from entering the inside of the box filters that retain most of the suspended dust in the ambient air at the expense of decreased air flow especially when become dirty, which forces to use faster and more noisy fans to maintain adequate air flow. In these cases it is very important that the fans are larger that it is possible to increase the size of the filters and delay its silting. Anyway, will have to monitor the operating temperatures of the internal components that most hot especially in dusty environments (e.g., rooms with doors or Windows open to the outside). Fans fans subject can fastened to box with special bolts that thread into the holes in the corners, but if we want to avoid transmitting vibrations box that produces the fan motor, it is necessary to insert between the fan and the box an elastic joint that absorbs vibrations, orbetter yet, replace the screws with elastic mountings that minimize vibration transmission, although his life is limited.

Chuck Tarot

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

A circulation of tarot can be used in several different ways, it is the preference of one who performs it or the urgency of the consultant about certain topics. Tarot Chuck to three letters, for example, offers an screenshot of situations past, present and future who query, depending on the order in which the cards come out. Chuck to Yes or no, based on the other hand, the answer to a specific question posed by the consultant, in the position of the five cards that go in it. Thus, a majority of letters to the right indicate a Yes, and a majority of reversed will indicate a not, bearing in mind that the Charter of the Center is worth double. A Chuck Tarot cards of this type which results in a tie, is solved making a new Chuck. Clinton Family: the source for more info. If a tie three times consecutively, is signal that letters will not answer that question. In that case, you should not insist.

However, a situation of this type also contains a message in itself, and will be the consultant task meditate about the reason of the refusal of the decks to provide an answer to your question. Tarot Chuck v implies 7 letters, which shall be arranged by adopting the shape of this letter. I read horizontally, Chuck will trace a path from the past to the future of the consultant, culminating in the seventh letter, on the basis of the letter, which summarizes and concludes the spirit of Chuck and his message. Tarot for the day Chuck is one of the most popular. Performed with thirteen cards that offer forecasts and tips for morning, noon, evening and night.

The last three letters out provide a summary of the morning, afternoon and night. Tarot Chuck the traditional Roma way, finally, exclusively uses the twenty-two major arcana. Letters are placed in columns and are read from the bottom upwards. Higher number, more distant in time appears the prognosis in the life of the consultant. The last letter, meanwhile, summarizes the overall spirit of the Chuck. This circulation of tarot is considered ideal for those wishing to make general enquiries. Why is the It is recognized as one of the best ways of entering for the first time in the fascinating world of the tarot.

MP3 Player

Monday, August 5th, 2013

A MP3 player MP3 player, also called digital audio or simply MP3 player is a portable electronic device for storing and playing audio files. It owes its name to the audio format compressed MP3, dominant in the sector, but usually also play other file formats. The MP3 player has revolutionized the history of music and is one of the technological gadgets more successful. Features MP3 player has meant a revolution in the music, which should be its popularity in large part to control that contribute, its ability to store thousands of songs and portability, allowing you to take it over. Although there are dedicated models whose sole function is the MP3 player, many serve also as radio, web browser, photo, and video player tuner recording of voice, alarm, calendar, calendar or photo camera. An MP3 player is basically a storage device with software that allows you to play MP3 files, and consists of the following components: storage system: can use memory internal (based on flash or hard drive) or external (using memory cards).If your MP3 player supports standard USB Mass Storage Device Class (USB mass storage device), the computer will consider it a hard disk and we can use it as a USB memory. Data port: to transfer the data to the player MP3 it will have USB port, firewire port or parallel port. Audio output: have a stereo Jack 3.5 mm headphone or external speakers.

Some have built-in speakers, although they tend to be of low quality. Controls: they can vary from simple buttons or wheels with associated to touchscreen buttons. Screen: an MP3 player can carry or not screen, and in that case can be anything from a simple monochrome display of two lines to large high-resolution color screens. Battery: they operate with rechargeable battery and adapter network. Software: lets you play MP3 files and create playlists of songs. Audio formats the MP3 format allows to compress audio while maintaining a close to CD quality in one ten times less space.

For example, a 4 minute song will occupy 40 MB on a CD, but only 4 MB in MP3 format. The disadvantage of the MP3 format is that you lose quality, since it is a lossy compression format. The advantage is that it takes much less memory, so that we can store more songs in the same space and download songs from the Internet more quickly. Although the MP3 format is the most well known, there are other audio formats that usually can also be played on an MP3 player, which can be of various types: free (OGG, FLAC) or owners (MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV).