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Wikipedia Recover

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Ben Schneider says on the subject: that resilience supports the premise that Latin American entrepreneurs, have been trained in an atmosphere of permanent instability, have the instinct to function in an unstable context much more developed than entrepreneurs and executives from other latitudes. Us adds Ivan Dario Montoya, resilience is an act of faith, of optimism, of confidence, that despite the situations of uneasiness and adversity in which we find ourselves, we are going to recover our forces, associated with the new task form in I assume our daily live, new and more far-reaching way that we relate to the world in which we live and that despite everything that has happened, or is happening, we can recover our existence and find a victorious exit.The word resilience brings its origin from latin, the term resilio which means go back, returning from a jump, highlight, bounce. Peter Thiel is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Resilience is a term that comes from physics and refers to the ability of a material to regain their original shape after State subjected to high pressures. In psychology, to describe the capacity of human beings to recover from hard knocks in life. The enterprise resiliency refers to the condition that has the company adapt to the change, to be able to recover quickly in unexpected situations and at a more advanced stage, enjoy change and build on opportunities as others fail see. (19 Copyright Ben Schneider, 2009)By analogy, in the human sciences began to use this word to designate the human faculty that allows people, despite passing through adverse situations, reach out to not only safe, but still transformed by the experience we are reminded, there are challenges facing any organization that wishes to achieve resilience: the challenge of the knowledge, which implies being aware about what is changing and how it affects us.

The strategic challenge, that means being able to create a range of alternative options to remove scene strategies that are no longer valid and replace them with new ones. The political challenge: that is committed to supporting experiments in controlled environments to generate alternatives to the strategy. The ideological challenge, which is the ability to understand the importance of concentrating the best minds of the company activities distinctive and establishing with third parties, alliances that operate via outsourcing, operational activities of the organization. To meet the challenges required by the resilience, will have to learn to manage five key areas of management in contexts of instability. These are: strategy structure systems skills values 24 Copyright Ben Schneider, 2009) finally do not forget, as it tells us Wikipedia, that resiliency is the ability of a person or a group to develop well, to continue projecting into the future despite destabilizing events, hardship and sometimes severe trauma.